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If You Want to Retire, Invest or Do Business

Base on Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrant, there are four ways to produce income. As OFW, most of us are on the left side, earning money from being employed or perhaps for some, self employed. We are earning what we call the ACTIVE INCOME. Active income because we are paid base on our effort. Employees get their salary from their bosses. Self ... Read More »

Gusto mo bang mag business or makipag-business na lang?

Marami sa mga OFW’s na kilala ko, eto ang sinasabi nilang gagawin after ng buhay abroad….magnenegosyo. Kumbaga eto ang exit plan nila. Ang ganda kase ng may business, di mo na kelangan mangamuhan. Makakasama mo na pamilya mo, di mo na kailangan mag abroad pa. Wala akong matandaang nagsabi na pag uwi nila or pag nagretire sila, hindi na nila kailangang ... Read More »

Mind Your Own Business

We are the one who controls our life. Whatever we are right now is the result of what we did yesterday. And if you want to have a better future, you have to start doing things the right way now. There are people who always play the victim’s role. They are the one who always look for other people to ... Read More »

If you have credit card in Singapore, maximize your credit limit now!

I’ve been in the insurance business for more than 6 years now. I helped my clients processed more than $400,000 worth of claims as of today, mostly medical hospitalization related. During these years, I realized the value of credit card. Singapore cost of medical hospitalization is really high and it keeps on increasing significantly every year. If you have never ... Read More »

Don’t Rely On Your Company to Protect Your Loved Ones

As an employee of the company, most of us have insurance coverage. The only variations are the amount of coverage and the details of coverage that each companies are offering. Buying insurance for the employee involves money, so it is up to the company which package they will get for their employee. It is an added morale to employees knowing ... Read More »