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Investment Taxes in the Philippines

Making your money work for you means it will also work for the government. With various investment vehicles to consider, it is only appropriate to know what are the taxes involve on each investments. Here’s some of the taxes imposed in our country. SAVINGS ACCOUNT In case you don’t know, average savings account in the Philippines earned around 0.30% per ... Read More »

Which Is Better: Stocks or Mutual Funds?

I receive a lot of queries about this questions, especially from the newbies. While both are advisable vehicles of investments, choosing which one to invest can be challenging. To help you decide which one suits you, let me show some comparisons between the two. Mutual fund is the most basic investment anyone can get. It requires: LESS MONEY (Php 5K ... Read More »

Investing in Philippine Market Guide for OFW’s

Philippine economy is booming and our stock market is reaping the benefits of it. With more cashflow from foreign and few local investors, our current market is expected to surge even more in coming years. This is a good new for all Filipinos. However, sad to say, ordinary Filipinos and OFW’s won’t benefit from it. In fact, for OFW’s, the ... Read More »

My Wife Invest in Stocks

My wife works in the hospital, a typical employee in their company. She goes to work from Monday to Friday and receive her paycheck at the end of the month. Like other typical girls, she also do shopping sometimes. She is a good saver, I know she is saving most of her money in the bank. On her laptop, she ... Read More »

Investment Opportunities for OFWs

If you are an OFW like me and looking for ways to invest  your money, here’s some tips for you to consider. Below are some investment vehicles that will surely help you save for your future and make your money work harder. Eventually, this could also lead you to become financially free and finally go back to the Philippines for ... Read More »

Are You Leveraging on the Growth of Philippine Economy?

Last year, Philippines economic growth is at 6.6%. Inspite of the turmoil in the middle east, recession in Europe and high unemployment rate in the US, our country remain bullish and managed to move forward. This morning I watched a news program from the Philippines. The reporter asked one Filipino she found on the street on what he can say ... Read More »