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Hog Raising Venture

Hog Raising Venture

Up to date, #FinanciallyLiteratePH have more than 950 hogs raised in various farms in Laguna and Quezon. This is one of the agri venture that some of our members are in to. It’s a good venture considering that the market and the demand for pork is there. There are risks involve, but that is part of the investment process. That is why financial literacy is the first step before investing your money.

Hog raising usually lasts 4 months. For 10 hogs, you need around PHP 75,000 capital. Most of those money is used for the feeds. It is important to get piglets from reliable source to get a good breed. Feeds also plays important part on the growth. Profit varies depending on the market price which also fluctuates everyday. Return is around 15% up to 30% per 4 months cycle. It’s a good venture because the cashflow is 3 times a year.

hog raising costing per 10 heads

hog raising return per 10 heads

Since we are all OFW’s, we have local partner who pre-screen and monitors everything. We use the PAIWI SYSTEM where we finance the venture while the partner do all the work. Then we split the net profit, 50/50 every harvest. We look for partner farmer with existing pig pens but no capital to operate. Thus, we don’t need to finance the constructions of pens.

You can also start your own hog raising venture. Just add some budget for the pen construction if you don’t have. Since we are overseas, it is important to look for a partner on the ground, whether it’s your family, friend or someone you do not know. Perhaps there’s a lot of them in your area, you just need to reach out. Trust plays a big role on the venture as everything is uncertain in any venture. You just keep the faith that everything will be ok. If not, learn from the experience and move on.

Knowledge and technical expertise also plays important factor on the success of this venture. If no knowledge at all, try to visit your nearest agriculture office and inquire if they have seminars or trainings about the topic. Or you can visit the farm near your place and ask them about the best practice that they are doing. These steps lessen the risk along the way.

Hog raising venture also comes with various risks. You might end up losing your investments. That ‘s why invest only money you can afford to lose. It’s by taking risks we can achieve financial freedom in the future. Just remember not to put all your eggs in one basket.

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