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Are You Leveraging on the Growth of Philippine Economy?

Last year, Philippines economic growth is at 6.6%. Inspite of the turmoil in the middle east, recession in Europe and high unemployment rate in the US, our country remain bullish and managed to move forward. This morning I watched a news program from the Philippines. The reporter asked one Filipino she found on the street on what he can say ... Read More »

Do we really have freedom?

History tells us that our forefathers have fought hard to achieve freedom. Freedom¬†from oppression and freedom from foreign colony. When they finally achieved it, they celebrated with so much joy. This is the best legacy that they passed on to us. Fast forward, here we are now. Our country is free at last. We have our own government running the ... Read More »

Before you EARN, LEARN first

I still remember the days when I was active in my first MLM company here in Singapore. With my desire to earn more money, I quickly signed up for the membership. Who wouldn’t be tempted to join after seeing the thousands and millions of dollar you can possibly earn by joining them. The product seems good and easy to sell, ... Read More »

Do you rely on your children as your future investment?

In the Philippines, most parents rely on their children to take ¬†care of them and provide them everything when they grow old. They consider them an investment which will give them great returns when they grow up and started working. This has been a cycle and most parents rely on it. For some, they will say there’s nothing wrong with ... Read More »

How to Make Your Travel Time a Very Productive One

On average, people spend around 500 to 1000 hours per year sitting in a car, riding in a bus, or any means of transportation they use everyday. That’s quite a lot of hours that can either be wasted or be productive. For most people I saw, they are either sleeping, watching movies on their mobile phone, facebooking, playing and other ... Read More »