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Mutual Fund

Teka, basahin mo muna OK? Iniisip mo na kaagaad pang mayaman lang toh. Let me explain muna. Na try mo bang sumali sa paluwagan? Diba may in-charge na kumukuha ng pera nyo at sya yung humawak? Ganon din sa mutual fund. Ang kaibahan nga lang, yung pera ini-invest ng fund manager sa iba ibang instruments. Kaya may posibilidad na malugi ... Read More »

Guide in Opening Philequity Mutual Fund for Your Children

With our baby coming nearly, I inquire in Philequity on how to open mutual fund account for kids. I know we can do that as parents, I’ve watched it on ANC On the Money segment with Rose Fausto as the guest. Parents, in case you don’t know her, she’s the author of the book teaching her kids on investing in ... Read More »

How to Monitor Your Mutual Fund Investment

I assume you already have your mutual fund investment account in any of the provider from the Philippines. Now what? How are you going to track the fund and monitor your fund growth? How can you compute for your growth percentage over time? To illustrate how to monitor your fund, I am going to use FAMI SALEF. After you send ... Read More »

Which Is Better: Stocks or Mutual Funds?

I receive a lot of queries about this questions, especially from the newbies. While both are advisable vehicles of investments, choosing which one to invest can be challenging. To help you decide which one suits you, let me show some comparisons between the two. Mutual fund is the most basic investment anyone can get. It requires: LESS MONEY (Php 5K ... Read More »

Phil Equity Mutual Fund: Another Investment Option for OFW

I already featured FAMI mutual fund here, now let me talk about another good mutual fund company in the Philippines. “Philequity Management, Inc. (PEMI) is an investment management company established in 1993. We are committed to helping you achieve your long-term financial objectives by offering an array of mutual funds suited to your unique needs.” – as posted on their ... Read More »

OFW Guide on Opening Mutual Fund Account in FAMI

As promised, here’s the detailed guide on opening an account in FAMI. I received few inquiries about it so I decided to write a blog post. There are other mutual funds account in the Philippines, but I chose FAMI as I’m a fan of Metrobank…hihihi. Their growth in the past years are great and I have great confidence with them. ... Read More »