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Who are the Truly Rich?

In differentiating the rich and poor, we always look for physical appearance. Most of the times, we will say a person is rich when he/she have big house, new car, expensive jewelries, latest gadgets and other physical items that may add to his/her physical worth status in life. And for those who don’t have these things, we often call poor. ... Read More »

The Sandwich Generation

In Philippines, we are living in a sandwich generation. This is a generation wherein working individuals are supporting their children and their parents. I have previously blog about this topic wherein some people tend to consider their children as investment that will take care of their future. Check my post here. There’s nothing wrong for children to take care of ... Read More »

Build Your Own Money Machines

In cashflow 101 and 202 boardgames, our goal is to get out of the rat race and move into the fast track. And to get out of it, we need to manage our portfolio and build passive income that is greater than our monthly expenses. How do we do that? By buying real estate rental properties, building business, royalties and ... Read More »

Guide in Opening Philequity Mutual Fund for Your Children

With our baby coming nearly, I inquire in Philequity on how to open mutual fund account for kids. I know we can do that as parents, I’ve watched it on ANC On the Money segment with Rose Fausto as the guest. Parents, in case you don’t know her, she’s the author of the book teaching her kids on investing in ... Read More »