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Phil Equity Mutual Fund: Another Investment Option for OFW

I already featured FAMI mutual fund here, now let me talk about another good mutual fund company in the Philippines. “Philequity Management, Inc. (PEMI) is an investment management company established in 1993. We are committed to helping you achieve your long-term financial objectives by offering an array of mutual funds suited to your unique needs.” – as posted on their ... Read More »

Things You Need to Consider Before Investing

If you are considering investing your hard earned money, check this 3 important factors you need to follow. Failure to do so might result to a failed investment. As you know, investment should be done for long term. Time is one of the most important factor that can make your money grow higher until such time you opt to withraw ... Read More »

In Investment, Time is Your Ally

Filipinos are very poor in financial literacy. As a matter of fact, only less than 1% are investing in stocks as per PSE update. To be exact, only half of that 1% invest in stocks. Same goes with mutual fund, for sure most Filipinos don’t know about it. That includes me a year ago, I don’t have any idea about ... Read More »

My Wife Invest in Stocks

My wife works in the hospital, a typical employee in their company. She goes to work from Monday to Friday and receive her paycheck at the end of the month. Like other typical girls, she also do shopping sometimes. She is a good saver, I know she is saving most of her money in the bank. On her laptop, she ... Read More »

Investment Opportunities for OFWs

If you are an OFW like me and looking for ways to invest ¬†your money, here’s some tips for you to consider. Below are some investment vehicles that will surely help you save for your future and make your money work harder. Eventually, this could also lead you to become financially free and finally go back to the Philippines for ... Read More »

Giving Back to the Society is the Purpose of Getting Rich

Contrary to our belief that rich people are evil, they are the most generous people in this world. I know most of you know Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Rockefeller and other world billionaires who donated billions of dollars for various charitable organisation of their choices. Robert Kiyosaki’s teachings thru his cashflow quadrant and Rich Dad Poor Dad book says that ... Read More »