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COL Guide for Newbies in Buying and Selling Stocks

I’ve been receiving several queries on how to buy and sell stocks thru Citisec Online website. This post will be helpful for starters as this will guide you the ins and outs of the system. This is only for those who already have COL account with fund already so as to begin buying stocks. In case you still don’t have ... Read More »

My Financial Goal for 2013 and Beyond

2012 has been a great year for me. So far this is the most fruitful years of my internet marketing career, which started few years ago. I still have my full time job though, but I found internet marketing the most promising one. If I need more money, most people will probably advice me to look for a job with ... Read More »

Good Debt and Bad Debt: Which one do you have?

Almost everyone have debt, whether they are rich or poor. It is one thing that drives our economy and where a lot of money is flowing. Even the government is borrowing money from big financial institutions. Bank is the biggest lender controlling almost all the financial flows in any country. There are 2 types of debt according to my two ... Read More »

Spender, Saver and Investor: Which one are you?

There were three siblings who inherited a sum of  Php 300K from the sale of a small parcel of land, which their deceased parents left to them. They agreed to divide the money, and all take equal share then left. The first one is Ping, the eldest of the three. Upon receiving the money, he imagined a lot of things ... Read More »

Savers are Losers

Oopps…I know lots of you will disagree on me. But let me tell you my point. Savers are losers. Yes, it is true, but I am referring to those people saving in the bank, on their vault or in their piggy bank. Come to think of it. If you save 100 pesos in the bank, they will probably give you ... Read More »