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Partner With Us And Let’s Do AGRI VENTURE :-)

Partner With Us And Let’s Do AGRI VENTURE :-)

We are #FinanciallyLiteratePH.

Our advocacy is to promote financial literacy, business, investment and entrepreneurship to OFW’s. We started last 2012 as small group in Singapore, then became active as we are now.

We conduct 3 to 5 events per month of various financial literacy topics in Singapore with 50 up to 400 crowd at a time, depending on the topics. Most of our members are the professional sector of the Filipino community in Singapore. Check our events schedule here http://bit.ly/FinanciallyLiteratePH

Financial literacy is our first stage. Once our member is financially literate, we encourage them to do business or invest in existing business in the Philippines. Some of our members established their own businesses while the rest of the community help their business for the much needed capital.

Picture in one of our event 🙂

We are high risk investors. We don’t have a company. We invest our own money.

Agriculture is our top venture, though we also have business ventures like gasoline stations (we have 3 branches), restaurants, rice business, food kiosk, water station and other things.

We usually look for a reliable business/farm partner in the Philippines. They are the one with existing business or farm in the Philippines but mostly in need of capital to expand. While most are private companies or farmers, some are in cooperatives and individuals.

We in #FinanciallyLiteratePH community provide the capital for them. In return, they will give share on the harvest or business profits, depending on what agreed upon.

In the past 2 years, our group have invested more than PHP 175 Milllion in the Philippines. This fund comes from around 500 members of our community. So far it created new businesses, increase agri production and helps employ more than 400 Filipinos in various locations. Most important, it helps our members grow their money by helping the community as well.

Farm visit in Rosario, Batangas

Out of this, we have invested around PHP 115 Million in agriculture sector alone. Our agri ventures are so diverse, it is of various products and in various part of the country. Some of those ventures are:

CACAO FARM. Our group owns 40 hectares of cacao farm in Occidental Mindoro, all planted. Then few of our members own around 20 hectares of cacao farm in Negros and few hectares in Palawan. This is a long term venture since we own the land. Other members of our community fund the initial money needed for the operations and seedlings.

CORN VENTURE. We partner with one of our country’s top corn farmer and do venture with them. We finance the program and they gave us share of the net profit. We have around 100 hectares of farm land planted with corn in Laguna area.

MUSHROOM FARM. Members of our group owns a successful mushroom farm in Bulacan, BUTTONS UP. It is known for it’s salted egg mushroom chips. They were featured on media and a representative of DA Region 3 on the last mushroom production conference. Their current farm is expected to produce around 20 kilos to 40 kilos a day.

HOG RAISING VENTURE. We partner with a UPLB graduate who specialize in hog raising. It’s a contract growing venture. Our partner look for a partner family in Laguna area with existing pig pens but don’t raise anymore or those under utilized pens. At the end of 2017, we will have around 900 hogs distributed to the community.

NATIVE PIG BREEDING PROGRAM. We partner with a local company that specializes in raising native pigs. The venture is like paiwi system where we own the pigs, the partner farm raises them. We split on the profit. So far we have more than 700 breeders on their side.

PILI FARM. This is in Romblon. Some members of our group bought shares from this farm company who specialize in pili nut production and other vegetables.

GOAT FARM. Our group venture with a local farm to do paiwi system for goats. We finance them, they take care of the goat and we share the profit. So far we have more than a thousand goat in their Batangas farm.

FREE RANGE CHICKEN. We partner with this farm company in Batangas to raise free range chicken with us for egg and meat. It’s a long term venture where we share the profit. We initially funded them to raise around 10,000 flocks.

CRAB FARMING. This is a aquaculture venture in Lopez Quezon. We funded 5 hectares pond for crab production, polyculture with vannamei shrimp. This is just our initial project with them, by next year will expland and target at least 10 hectare of pond.

SHRIMP FARMING. We have acquired more pond in Lopez Quezon to focus on this high value shrimp with fast return. We have allocated 15 hectares for this venture.

EGG LAYER FARM. The farm is located in San Jose Batangas, the egg capital of the Philippines. We started with 6000 egg layers. Soon we will acquire more farm to duplicate this venture.

DRAGON FRUIT FARM. The project farm is located in Nueva Ecija. We started with 2000 posts of dragon fruit to increase local production. It’s a long term venture where we, investors, get a share on the net profit. One of the exciting project that we have.

SORGHUM FARM. The farm is located in Tarlac. Our group funded 50 hectares for sorghum production with the support of our partner and the local community living in the area.

POULTRY. We have partnered with poultry company and invest on their production in Laguna. Current size is around 13K heads, and will add more in the future.

FARM. Our group owns another 2 farm in Batangas, 7.5 hectare and 34 hectare. For the first farm, we venture it with a 3rd party farm management company in the Philippines. They are managing it for us, then we share on the profit. For the other farm, we partnered with DA Region 4A and ATIKHA to jointly develop it for us. In future, it will be a pilot farm venture fully funded by OFW’s.

These are some of the agri ventures that we have. We also have exiting ventures with few agriculture cooperatives all over Philippines and our members have personal investment with them.

We are still looking for more ventures. If you have a farm or agri company looking for funding, do send us your proposal. I want to know farm details, location, products, expenses, possible profit, projections, marketing and other things. If your proposal is OK, we will contact you and schedule a farm visit for further discussion. Luzon area is preferable for easy farm visit. We welcome ventures that need PHP 500K and above 🙂

Email me at rlmacalintal@yahoo.com

About Richard Macalintal

Hi my name is Richard. I am a Registered Financial Services Consultant in Singapore. If you have any queries or you need help on your insurance policies and investment linked products, feel free to message me :-) We can have a cup of coffee while I do financial review and give advice with regards to your finances :-) Contact me thru email rlmacalintal(at)yahoo.com or SMS me +65 82235186. Disclosure: I am a Financial Consultant of AIA. The statements or opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent those of AIA.


  1. Good morning po sa inyong mga financer! Ako po si Ligaya Villanueva, taga Binalonan Pangasinan. Nandito po ako sa maliit na naiwang lupa ng aking lolo. Matagal pong tinirahan ng aking mga kamag anak ang lupang ito ngunit wala po silang naitanim na kahit isang puno na pwedeng maipamana sa mga apo. Ng ang halos lahat ng pinsan ko ay nagkamatay na, naiwan po itong lupa ng nakatiyangyang, di malusog at hanggang kamkamin ng mga maykayang kapitbahay. Mga sampung taon na ang nakaraan ng ako ay may lakas pang maghanapbuhay sa Manila ng aking isaayos itong lua na mga 3200sqm. Tinaniman ko ng mga punong mannga at mga saging sa mga gilid. Ng ako ay mahiwalay sa aking asawa dahil sa kanyang busyo sa droga, ako ay naubusan ng pamumuhay, ako ay nagbalik dito sa lupa ng aking nanay na inayos ko mga sampung taon na ang nakararaan. Di na ako nagtatrabaho, sa lupang ito ko kinukuha ang aking pagkain, ngayong 55 na ako, gumagawa ako ng ibat ibang concoctions para sa Natural Farming, NGUNIT ISA LANG ANG PROBKEMA KO, NASIRA YUNG LUMA KONG PANG SPRAY, KAYA HIHILING LANG PO SANA AKO NG ISANG PANG SPRAY SA INYO PARA MAPATABA KO ANG LUPA NA ITO SA PAMAMAGITAN NG LAB, OHN, FPJ, FFJ, BRV, WAC, WASP, FAA, IMO AT IBA PA. NAGTANONG PO AKO NITONG SPRAY PERO NAPAKAMAHAL PO YUNG TONGHU, NASA 3000 po. Sana po matulungan ninyo ako para mapalago ko pa ang oansariling taniman ko. Salamat po.

  2. Dear Mr.Makalintal,
    Nag hahanap ako ng makakaka business patner ko sa Quail Layers Farming dito sa Backyard ko sa Calawitan, San Ildefonso, Bulacan. Mag tatatayo ako ng isa pang building sa backyard ko na may space na 10M X 15M na may capacity ng Quail layers na aabot sa 25,000 heads. Bago din ang Quail cages. Kung matutulungan mo kami ay maraming salamat.

  3. I own 68 has in Malimpin, Dasol, Pangasinan. I am Joseph dela Cruz. I have 40 full grown mango trees. We also grow rice and monggo beans. I am interested to try some of your agri products in my farm. My cell phone number is 0908 315 2107.

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