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Opening COL Account for Your Children

One of the regrets I have in life is learning financial literacy at the age of 31. I should have learned it earlier and started investing at early age. I could have save and invest enough to retire early. Our kids will not have same fate. We promised to teach them financial literacy and investment at early age. For a ... Read More »

7 Money Habits That Are Keeping You Poor

“If You’re Still Poor at 35, It’s Your Fault.” – Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Falling short on finances is a struggle that you do not want to experience! However, this is one problem faced by many. While we can say that success is the fruit of hard work and determination, one factor that also contributes to the standing of ... Read More »

May IPON ka ba?

Meron ka pa nga bang naiipon? Kung ngayon na nagtatrabaho ka at wala kang ipon, paano ka makakapag-ipon bukas na wala ka ng trabaho? Marami kase ang rason, hindi pa daw nila kaya ngayon. Kesyo maliit lang daw ang sweldo nila at walang natitira. Marami daw pinagkakagastusan, kabi kabila. Kaya ayon, walang wala. Kawawang kawawa. Kaya lang sa tingin mo, ... Read More »

It’s Easier to Make Money than to Keep It

I stumbled an article last month about Allen Iverson, a once famous NBA basketball player. According to the news, he is now broke just after 3 years off the NBA. To describe how broke he was, he even said he don’t have money to buy even a cheeseburger. Allen Iverson earns $70.9 million from a 6 year contract on 1999. ... Read More »

Ignorance Hinders Us From Investing

In Philippines, there are only around 1% of the population who are investing in mutual fund. Considering that we are around 100 million Filipinos around the world, 1 million people investing on the very basic way of investing is a very sad reality which describes our lack of financial literacy. Reasons vary in many ways, but still the data shows ... Read More »