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Leave a Term Insurance as LEGACY for Your Loved Ones

All of us will finally meet our creator one day. Aside from having a good reputation, we can leave a legacy that our loved ones can benefit from. Rather than debt, let’s leave them inheritance in the form of insurance proceeds. Having insurance as a gift to your family is one of the best thing you can do for them. ... Read More »

Does Your Insurance Portfolio Coping Up With Your Investment Portfolio?

While we are busy building our investment portfolio, kumusta naman kaya ang insurance portfolio natin? Lumalaki din kay coping with the increase in our needs and cost of medical expenses nowadays? Unfortunately, insurance portfolio is something that most of us are not taking cared of. Or perhaps not reviewing regularly. Many still consider insurance premiums as an expenses. For some, ... Read More »

Relying on Your Company Insurance is Not Enough

For most Filipino’s, having insurance provided by the company is already enough. They are thinking that getting personal insurance is not necessary as their company will take care of them if they got sick or something happen to them. Not all companies have the same insurance coverage. Some have really great benefits, some not so great and some no benefits ... Read More »

Insure the Goose not the Golden Eggs

Most of you for sure narinig na or nabasa yong story about the goose that lays the golden egg. I won’t talk much about it on this post, but rather make a twist and relate it to insurance topic that will be applicable in our daily lives. In reality, we are the goose that lays the golden egg. Nagtatrabaho tayo, ... Read More »

How We Protect our Family from Life’s Uncertainties

Investing is not the first step in achieving financial success. As a matter of fact, before you invest your money, you must be debt free, have emergency fund and insured. Diving to investment right away is not the proper way to do it. For our emergency fund, we have enough money to survive even if we do not work for ... Read More »

Are you REALLY PREPARED for life’s uncertainties?

Masarap i-enjoy ang buhay lalo na kung wala tayong problemang iniisip. Nabubuhay naman tayo ng maayos, nakakakain ng tatlong beses sa isang araw, nabibili ang anumang naisin at nagagawa ang mga bagay na gusto nating gawin. Kung malaki ang ating sweldo, automatic mas maganda ang buhay natin at mas marami tayong magagawa. Kaya lang, walang kasiguruhan sa buhay. Walang makakapagsabi ... Read More »