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Live Within Means

Ganito rin ba prinsipyo mo sa buhay? Kung ganito, hindi ka nga aasenso. Example, kung kumikita ka ng P10K sa isang buwan, P10K din dapat ang gastos mo para angkap na angkap sa prinsipyo mo. Galing diba? January – swak na swak sa budget February – saktong sakto sa budget March – perfect sa budget April – bigla kang nagkasakit ... Read More »

Build Your Own Money Machines

In cashflow 101 and 202 boardgames, our goal is to get out of the rat race and move into the fast track. And to get out of it, we need to manage our portfolio and build passive income that is greater than our monthly expenses. How do we do that? By buying real estate rental properties, building business, royalties and ... Read More »

Do you rely on your children as your future investment?

In the Philippines, most parents rely on their children to take ┬ácare of them and provide them everything when they grow old. They consider them an investment which will give them great returns when they grow up and started working. This has been a cycle and most parents rely on it. For some, they will say there’s nothing wrong with ... Read More »