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In Investment, We Diversify

In investment, diversification plays a very important role. I have blogged this topic last time, but now I want to walk the talk and challenged ourselves to do it even better. Diversification means investing in various investment vehicles to minimize the risk of losses. We are currently on a bull run market, our economy is growing significantly. However, this is ... Read More »

Build Your Own Money Machines

In cashflow 101 and 202 boardgames, our goal is to get out of the rat race and move into the fast track. And to get out of it, we need to manage our portfolio and build passive income that is greater than our monthly expenses. How do we do that? By buying real estate rental properties, building business, royalties and ... Read More »

Ignorance Hinders Us From Investing

In Philippines, there are only around 1% of the population who are investing in mutual fund. Considering that we are around 100 million Filipinos around the world, 1 million people investing on the very basic way of investing is a very sad reality which describes our lack of financial literacy. Reasons vary in many ways, but still the data shows ... Read More »

In Investment, Time is Your Ally

Filipinos are very poor in financial literacy. As a matter of fact, only less than 1% are investing in stocks as per PSE update. To be exact, only half of that 1% invest in stocks. Same goes with mutual fund, for sure most Filipinos don’t know about it. That includes me a year ago, I don’t have any idea about ... Read More »

Spender, Saver and Investor: Which one are you?

There were three siblings who inherited a sum of  Php 300K from the sale of a small parcel of land, which their deceased parents left to them. They agreed to divide the money, and all take equal share then left. The first one is Ping, the eldest of the three. Upon receiving the money, he imagined a lot of things ... Read More »