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Coconut Girl Ice Cream in Shark Tank

Have you seen any of the Shark Tank episodes? If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, this show is a must to watch. You will learn a lot from the Shark mentors regarding the ins and outs of the business. Shark Tank is an acclaimed and multi awarded reality show with entrepreneurial theme in America. Thru this show, a lot of ... Read More »

Invest Money thru GCASH For as Low as PHP 50

For years, investing in the Philippines seems for the rich only. In fact, most filipinos don’t invest in the market. There are only around 500K users and account owners of mutual funds and stocks. That represents less than 0.5% of the entire population of the Philippines. Compare that to other countries, we are really far behind them. Our level of ... Read More »

How Much Insurance Coverage Do you Need?

how much insurance do you need

To begin with, try to read my article about what insurance product do you need. Just a recap, here’s 5 insurance products we can avail: 1. Medical Insurance 2. Critical Illness Insurance 3. Accident Insurance 4. Death/Disability Insurance 5. Investment/Retirement Now that you are aware of it and would like to inquire, the next question you might ask is how ... Read More »

Top 7 AIA Singapore Performing Funds in 2020

Here’s top performing funds in AIA Singapore for your reference. You can get full details via their online website. This is base on Jan 3, 2021 data.   Top 7 AIA Singapore Performing Funds in 2020 #1 AIA GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY FUND 2020 Return: 57.93% Type: Equity Fund Sector: Technology This fund is one of the best performing funds in Singapore, ... Read More »