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Comparison Between Mutual Funds vs ETF

There are lots of investment instruments we can avail in the market. A lot of them we can avail easily online and requires little knowledge to participate. However, it is strongly recommended to study or learn first what you are investing to limit the risks. After all, investing is risky and might result to fund losses. Two of the common ... Read More »

Why Opening Mutual Fund Account is Best in COL Financial

Last January Market Outlook event in Singapore, COL Financial with their CEO and VP – Research head, announce that they will finally offer mutual funds in their website. As you know, COL is a stock broker and adding mutual funds to their products will make them like a fund supermarket in the Philippines where you can buy both stocks and ... Read More »

How to Open Mutual Fund Account in Philequity

This question has been asked to me a lot of times already. And yes, I replied same procedure to them every time they message me. So to make my life easier, I decided to write this article to guide you on how to open mutual fund account in Philequity. First, you need to download the 4 forms below: Account Opening ... Read More »

Steps in Opening FAMI Mutual Fund Account for OFW’s

If you are an OFW, opening FAMI mutual fund account directly to them is a pain in the ass. I won’t give much details how inconvenient it is, but I’ll prefer to give you details how to make it smooth as possible. The procedure to invest follows after a person has fully understood how mutual funds work and has chosen ... Read More »