A Piece of Philippines in Singapore

Welcome to the Philippines in Singapore!

Yes, it’s true. I’m referring to the Philippine Embassy located in #20 Nassim Road. Technically that piece of land and building is owned by our government.

The location is ideal, just outside the bustling Orchard street and not that far from civilizations. It is situated along with other foreign embassies here in Singapore.

From outside, you can distinguish the place base on it’s day to day scenario. It is always flocked by people who want to do whatever transaction that they want whether it’s passport related, affidavit or getting OEC’s. When I say flocked, imagine you are in Divisoria on peak holiday season where people are really crowded. I believe it’s the only embassy that deals with the huge influx of citizens. Compare to the calm and silent mood in both Japan and Thailand embassy along its way.

Waiting time to get your transaction done surely means several hours. Chairs are inadequate, leaving others to stand or just squat on the corners. Toilet is portable, not a good place to relieve yourself unless you don’t have any choice or option. The sun is really hot, adding to the inconvenience and disappointment to the people. There is no canteen, vending machine is sometimes not working leaving your stomach empty. Queue display board is only in front , leaving you unaware of what the current queue number is.

The staffs I met and deal with were good; I believe they are all doing their job very well. It is only that they cannot cope with the number of people who wanted to do transaction.

If it’s not about their staff, the fault now lies on the system they are using to deliver the services.

Singapore is known for having an orderly way of dealing with government transactions without further hassle and with the convenience of the internet. Well that is Singapore and not the Philippines. I wonder if our Philippine embassy personnel are thinking ways to eliminate the burdens it brings to their citizen just to get some transactions done. Did it come to their mind that all can be done online? Like getting an OEC clearance in which you have to wait several hours under the intense heat of the sun just to wait for your turn with hundreds of people in the vicinity. Where did our $6 fee go? Is it not fair if t hey set aside some portion of it to improve the current system? Nevermind my $6 dollar fee. I even don’t mind paying a dollar or more just to get my OEC in a far more convenient way. It’s just a matter of setting up the correct system appropriate for the government and its people.

We are paying for the services and we should get the best out of it. I don’t complain, I just air my side on what is wrong and what can be done to correct the system. 3 years and I’m still seeing the same scenario. Hopefully they will do something about it.

I am a proud Filipino. My blog is just for airing my comments on what I have observed and seen. Whatever happens, I will still be a Filipino and forever proud to wear the Philippine emblem.

philippine embassy in singapore

philippine embassy in singapore

philippine embassy in singapore

philippine embassy in singapore

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