A Tale of Filipino Women Go Astray in Singapore

Last 2 weeks ago, 2 Filipino women made it to the headline regarding the Standard Chartered Bank scam. Allegedly, the other girl acted as an agent who falsified the documents of the other girl. Both are sentenced to jail plus a hefty penalty. Bad news is, according to the report, there are more than 90 Filipinos working in Singapore that are involved in this case, either they loan or get credit card from Standard Chartered. All in all, they estimated that this girl duped the Standard Chartered bank to release loan amounting to around S$760,000. The two women are sentenced 45 and 6 months respectively behind bars.

Today, another 2 Filipino women are in headline. This time, for allegedly helping a local Singaporean to operate loansharking activities. Operating in Lucky Plaza, they issued loan to fellow domestic worker for up to 50 percent interest rate. Money involve is around S$5000 only for the 2 cases. Small amount involve compare to the previous case, but if found guilty, penalty will be jailed up to four years and a fine between $30,000 to $300,000.

At times, our life may be hard and we are tempted to do things above the law. We are in Singapore, and rule of law are strictly implemented. While we can do some things in our country above the law, those things have great consequences here. It’s already late for those Filipino women, all they can do is accept their fate and hope they will change for the better.

In every life’s up and down, lessons are learned. If not for the person involved, at least for those people around them. May these incidents be a lesson for all OFW’s in all part of the globe. We should adhere to the rules and regulations implemented in any country we are in. Learn to respect them with their laws, and in return they will also give us the respect that we should have.

Phlippines is a country of talented people. Let us all use this God given talent for the benefit and glory of our beloved country.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

filipino women involved in standard chartered credit card scam

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