Are You a Wannabe Investors?

Some people INVEST just for the sake of investing or just going with the flow upon seeing some of their FB friends having investments account. They might heard about stocks, mutual fund or UITF talks/seminar once and they think it’s already enough.


Without financial literacy, guidance, group support and enough knowledge about investment, you’re not heading to financial freedom path.

How do you differentiate this good investor to wannabe investor?

Wannabe investor ONLY OPENS an account with 5K or 10K initial deposit, hoping that it will grow in future. They never top up their investment, they don’t care about the current economy and they PANIC when they see their portfolio turns RED. For them it’s only enough to have account so they can brag to other’s that they are investing. They don’t know how and where their money are invested. In worst case, they blame their friends who introduce them about investment.

Good investors are the exact opposite

So, how many top ups have you made in your investment?

(Note: Some UITF and mutual funds requires minimum Php 1K top up only. In stocks, a top up of Php 5K will do. Leave your comment if you have questions.)

2 thoughts on “Are You a Wannabe Investors?”

  1. Sir question lang po sa aritcle nio about this.

    “So, how many top ups have you made in your investment?”

    ano po ang top ups? cenxa n po at inosente lng. at kasalukuyang nag aaral (self study) sa stock market.


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