Are You Leveraging on the Growth of Philippine Economy?

Last year, Philippines economic growth is at 6.6%. Inspite of the turmoil in the middle east, recession in Europe and high unemployment rate in the US, our country remain bullish and managed to move forward.


This morning I watched a news program from the Philippines. The reporter asked one Filipino she found on the street on what he can say about his present condition with respect to the growing economy. The man answered, that the growing economy don’t have effect to them. They are still living in poverty and can’t find a decent job.

That man is a typical Juan Dela Cruz and our country have lots of them.

If you are an ordinary Employee, economic growth has only a little or none at all effect in your day to day life. In reality, its the businesses and investors that benefit much on it. Whether the company earn more money last year, your salary is still the same. Not unless you receive a salary increment.

The main point is, being an employee won’t give you any leverage on the growing economy.

However, ordinary Juan dela Cruz can also leverage on this growth if he only knows how to do it. We know that we have to be a businessman and investor to get a pie of the growing economy. And believe me, we can be both in a small way.

We can be a businessman by being a business partner of Jollibee, Globe, SM and other big businesses in the country. How? Buy the company stocks and you can become a stock holder of the company. When the company makes money, you as a stock holder will also make money. You can buy their stocks thru opening an account is stocks, mutual fund or UITF. All of these investment vehicles deals with stock market. when you do that, you are not only a business partner of those big businesses, you are also an investor in a small way.

Lack of knowledge is one factor that hinders us from doing so. For as little as P5K, you can open an account in either stocks or mutual fund. For some, they think this is only for rich people. I have the same mindset before until I do my research and found out that I can also invest in small amount.

Handshake financial deal concept

This reminds me of a quote from John Kennedy which says, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”

Philippines already have a lot of Juan dela Cruz, don’t count yourself as one. Leverage on the growing economy thru investment. That is the only way you see the real power of the growing economy.

(Try to read my previous post about opening an stocks account and mutual fund in case you need more information. Feel free to leave your comment below if want to ask something.)

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