Are You Willing to Sacrifice and Wait for Your Dreams?

We all have dreams. As a family man and a father to be, I dream that I can provide enough for my family to live comfortably everyday, be with them in every important moments in their lives, go to places I have never been and retire from being an employee in the future. I know all people have dreams like me. We all dream to live a better life. The only difference is, are we doing enough to make this dream into a reality?

I value investing and delayed gratification to pursue my dreams. I know a lot have to be sacrificed for a greater good in the future.

I can buy my dream house, but I chose not to. Thinking that if I will spend Php 5 million loan to finance my dream house today, I’m exchanging my lifetime goal of retiring young and rich.


Philequity PEFI fund has an average annual growth of 23.28% in the past 10 years as of today April 5, 2013. By putting my money instead on this kind of investment, my money would grow up to Php 32 million in 10 years. By then, I will take Php 10 million out of it and build my dream house. The rest, I will keep it invested. With interest alone, I can get around Php 400K monthly allowance without touching my principal amount of Php 22 million.

I can buy a car, but I chose not to. Thinking that if I will spend Php 1 million today, I’m exchanging my lifetime goal of retiring rich. By that time, I can buy any cars that I want…yearly.


By investing Php 1 million in mutual fund, you can get around Php 8 million in 10 years. By then, I can buy any car that I want and change it even yearly.

I can travel the world with my wife, we have the means to do so. But knowing that by saving and investing first, my Php 400K today will be around Php 3 million in 10 years. We can travel anywhere we want by then.


We went to Europe last 2012 and we spent around Php 400K in a 2 weeks travel. But if we will invest it first, it could be around Php 3 million in 10 years. We can visit a lot of places by then.

I can drink Starbucks coffee, but knowing what I can have by not doing so and instead opting for a Nescafe 3 in 1, I’d rather not too. The money I can save in 10 years will be enough to franchise a business.


In 10 years, my investment can grow up to half a million pesos. By then, I can buy franchise business to keep my money working hard for me.

(Mutual funds doesn’t guarantee any fix annual rate of return. They might perform higher or lower from the past. We can only check their past performances.)

Dream without action will always be a dream. Start with small things and make your dream a passion worth pursuing. You can accomplish all of this if only you are willing to sacrifice and wait for a better future.

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