Battle of the Pads: iPad versus ALL

Apple made another huge success on its iPad product line. It had created a new product that other companies are trying to penetrate due to large demand and huge consumer base looking for such device. In Singapore alone, it sold around 55,000 units since it was started selling online and on some shop selling Apple products.

However, the only drawback to this gadget is it’s price, which I think is very expensive. There is no question about the quality of the product, which is really top of the line on its generation. For iPad to penetrate huge market, they really have to lower down their prices little bit which is currently around S$728. But still, Apple enthusiasts are still buying the product.

With its huge success and demand, other companies also launched their own product dubbed to be iPad killer but with a cheaper prices.

Samsung just recently launched their Galaxy Tab which is offered by the 3 Telco’s in Singapore. Under the plan, they are cheaper and looks appealing to the masses.

Toshiba also has its own AS100. At a current price of S$639, it’s definitely cheaper than iPad.

Next month, DELL and Creative Technology will join the race on the iPad market to lure customers to use their gadget.

Having a lots of products to choose from gives an advantage to us consumers. With the current battle between these tech manufacturers, they are ending up creating and developing cheaper products to better compete with their rivals.

Rumors said that upon sensing this competition, Apple has begun discussions with at least one telco here to sell its iPad discounted and bundled with a data plan. If this happen, Apple will definitely regain its competitiveness in terms of price. I’m looking forward for that plan.


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2 thoughts on “Battle of the Pads: iPad versus ALL”

  1. I love article Battle of the Pads: iPad versus ALL | Richard Macalintal. Thanks for expressing your ideas. I’d also like to say that video games have been ever before evolving. Modern tools and revolutions have assisted create reasonable and fun games. These types of entertainment video games were not as sensible when the real concept was being tried out. Just like other forms of technology, video games also have had to evolve by means of many ages. This itself is testimony for the fast development of video games.

    • video game developers now shifted to apple and android market due to the HUGE demand of games. it’s a real competition out there.


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