Bayanihan Outreach with PNB, SSS & PAGIBIG

Last Saturday, August 17, 2019, we had the privilege of listening to our 3 guest speakers from PNB, SSS & PAGIBIG. Over the years, we have invited them several times. Everytime I listen to them, it’s like new learnings are always added to me.

These 3 are important in every OFW’s life in Singapore. They are somewhat linked to each other, with same goal of helping us get the best of our hard earned money.

For SSS, it’s main mandate is for medical and retirement coverage. There’s a lot of changes happening but all for the benefit of individual members. I must say it’s a must for us to contribute and keep doing it till our retirement years.

For PAGIBIG, it’s mandate is to provide affordable housing means to its members. They offer loans for various use. Aside to it, they have the MP2 savings program where you can invest and receive growth of your money over the years.

For PNB, banking services is never easier here in Singapore. We can open account, apply for loans, remit money and pay various entities in the Philippines. In fact, my only bank account in Philippines is the one I opened to them wayback 2007.

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