Be mindful and sensitive of what you post online

Be mindful of what you post and comment online especially if it is not our issue. We have been warned by our Philippine Embassy not to meddle in this kind of activity. Sad to say, another filipina, Rachelle Ann Beguia(or is it her husband?), broke into that line and the consequences are too big.

She commented on one of the MP’s FB page regarding the cellphone use during the National Day, but she went over the boundary of a responsible comment.

A fan page dedicated to her ouster in Singapore is setup. Singapore National Heart Center, her employer, is also investigating the case.
Below is the full details of her comment, taken from the FB page of the group.

rachelle ann beguia comment in facebook

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One comment


    And continued saying “THESE SINGAPOREANS ARE A BUNCH OF INCOMPETENT MORONS.” in the second paragraph. Does the word “SINGAPOREANS” in the second paragraph refer to an entire race or simply points to the subject referred to in the first paragaph?

    Wasn’t this an issue on how you understand simple English rather than belittling an entire nationality?

    and see this:

    This was the actual comment on facebook:

    Riko… But when foreigners like Bangladeshi, Thais and Indians come and provide labour for building flats and roads, you didn’t seem to have complained about it…. if tomorrow the government decides to hire foreigners to become soldiers and no more serving of NS for all men let’s see if you will make the same comment… By the way, if foreigners can come and snatch your jobs and flats it only shows one thing…. HOW INCOMPETENT YOU ARE.

    such statement is made in reaction to Riko’s comment that runs like this:

    @rRachelel while foreign talents like you come here to snatch our jobs, make COE prices increase, [prices of HDB increase, have your kids compete for places in schools.

    My bad, “foreign trash” should be more like it Smile

    The comment was picked up by most media organizatins and newspapers with this comment attributed to Rachelle:

    “If foreigners can come and snatch your (Singaporean) jobs and flats it only shows one thing…how incompetent you are.”

    with the Singaporean word enclosed in parenthesis.

    What is the possibility that Singaporeans misread the facebook comments?

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