Before you EARN, LEARN first

I still remember the days when I was active in my first MLM company here in Singapore. With my desire to earn more money, I quickly signed up for the membership. Who wouldn’t be tempted to join after seeing the thousands and millions of dollar you can possibly earn by joining them. The product seems good and easy to sell, that was on my mind. At first, I was very hesitant to join as the product was a “sanitary napkin”. I couldn’t imagine myself talking to people selling napkins. Why the heck I’m going to do that? I still have my full time job and not in need of extra money.

In the end,  greed and desire to make more money prevails. My first priority then was to master how to do the product demonstration and earnings computation so I can walk on my own and do prospecting.


I was very active then. I always bring my bag everyday, with various brands of sanitary napkins inside for demonstration. We also have some props like projector for our demo. Some of my friends became my downline and accompany me sometimes after office hour. Imagine every night, we visit various places in Singapore, from Tampines to Sembawang to do the demonstration and trying to convince them to join us in the company. With same reason that I joined, I was able to convince a lot of them.

All I want that time was to do presentation, product demo and convince them to join the company. I was a good speaker by the way…haha, that’s according to me. During Friday, I wore my black suit as I am the speaker at the office for the 7PM schedule. At first I was hesitant and couldn’t imagine myself doing it in front of lots of people. I overcame my fear and get used to it eventually. Same procedure, I’ll do a lot of talking then dissect 3 brands of sanitary napkin to do product demonstration. By the way, most of my partners and uplines are male, and we called ourself Napkin Engineers at night.

After a year, I got tired. New members dwindle and so my passion decreases. I have sacrifices a lot of my time and yet the reward is not that great. Not thousands and millions as shown to me during my first demonstration. In the end, I stopped doing it.

As you see, the problem here is that I join the business with a wrong mindset. For me, the procedure was so easy and I can do it right away. Thinking that I can earn a lot of money if I can convince a lot of people. However, it’s easier said than done. I never follow the system, I didn’t learn the ins and outs of network marketing. I was too arrogant that it’s very easy to make money: do product demo and recruit people to join the company. I should have dedicate myself learning the system first before thinking of earning more money. But I did it the other way around and I failed.

It is one of the failures that I have. But along the way, I learned a lot of good lessons which open doors to new opportunities. Though I failed, I’m thankful that I joined them.


Last week, one of my blog subscriber send me an email as below. I have her permission to use this on my blog so that other people can get the important lesson from it.


Thanks a lot for this information..I’m one of your follower..I also love reading your blogs and other inspiring topics. I’m really applying for work in Singapore since last year from different website offering jobs for Singapore..but until now, no positive reply from them considering the many job openings for accountant. (Last November I receive a request for interview from one of my application in Dubai but i think it was only an agency). 

I have a two sons in college. Last 2011 one of my friend inspired me to open a forex trading account, with a promise that the money will be doubled in a month and without any room for loss. I personally loan from my boss almost half a million, with my desire to have a better life even I have no knowledge about trading. My friend trade the money, I have no choice but to trust her, but with my surprise with less than a week, her trading was adverse..Slowly everyday it falls down and in a month time the half million got lost. When it happened it was only the time i tell it to my husband..I handled the stress everyday finding ways how to return it to my boss,,she would even fire me if I would not able to return it to her..It was a 2 year loan and I’m now in a the middle of the friend also helps me to pay the debt..that’s why I decided to look a job abroad..Sometimes I feel of giving up,,I almost cry everyday..Its a big sum of money we’re paying but was not able to enjoy it..

I learned a lot of lessons from it. Due to stress my health also is now affected…a mass was found in my ultrasound in my left thyroid,,and I was scheduled for biopsy tomorrow. Sorry for the disturbance, but it feels ok for me writing it to someone who has a very outlook in life. My tears fell as i wrote this..

But still very thankful to the Lord, I’m working in one of the leading Real Estate here in the Philippines. Although my fixed income is only a little bit higher from minimum wage, still the Lord gave me knowledge in sales..Last year I sold 6 lots in different subdivisions our company offers. Although the commissions is divided into how many agents, still it was a great help for me. I believe that God’s live, he sees us and hear our prayers. It was only Him where I get my strength…and reading positive message keeps me going..

Thanks a lot for all your the information you shared in the net. May God continue to bless you and your family.


Same with what happened to me, Gina was overcome by her greed to earn more money without learning what it is all about. It’s a lesson learned in a hard way, but I’m happy she acknowledged her mistake and move on in life. if people are looking to invest in stocks, you can check it out from here!

It doesn’t mean that if others can do it, we can do the same and earn from it right away. LEARN it first before you can even EARN from it. There is no shortcut, only failure awaits those who will do it the wrong way.

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  1. hi..a newbie is here on your website. right now, i’m on the process of learning how to invest in stocks. i guess, your website can be a learning tool. i’m also a blogger and i love writing as well. i want to learn how to earn thru internet marketing. please guide me on my way to financial freedom. To God be the Glory!

    • hi marie…i’m glad my blog helps you. and yes, you’ll learn investment here. do subscribe on my mailing list as i have prepared newsletter courses for newbies to guide them in investment. spread the words and let’s aim for more filipino investors rather than filipino workers.


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