Before You Start Investing, Get Yourself a Health Insurance First

When you save and invest, the return may take some time. In order to get the best result, we often leave our money invested for long years. This is the best practice that can give us the maximum return of our money.

Along the way, you may have some unnecessary events that may affect your investment such as your health issues.


Before you start investing and putting your money to work on long term, you must first secure your health. Get yourself a health insurance.Investing your money for let’s say 10 years, it is expected that you only have spare enough to cover your monthly expenses. As for the general rule, you should have at least 6 months to a year of monthly expenses cash in your bank account to cover unexpected events. The rest, invest it.

With this plan, the problem may arise if within that 10 years you get ill and hospitalize. If you do not have health insurance to cover such expenses, you will be force to withdraw your investment earlier to cover your bill. To avoid this from happening, it is recommended to allot some of your money to pay for health insurance during the investment years. After your investment period, you now have your money and may not need the health insurance. But until such time, you need to get one.

As OFW, you should try to pay your Philhealth contributions annually for only Php 1200. In singapore, you can only pay thru iRemit. They will only ask for your Philhealth number.

SSS and PAGIBIG contributions also may help you if you are in the Philippines.

In Singapore, we are insured by our respective company as required by the government. However, this may not be enough and I advise you to seek for other insurance options.

For me, I subscribe in MSIG Insurance where I pay the monthly premium of $45 for me and my wife. On top of my company insurance, MSIG will refund to me the bill I will incur in case of hospitalization. My wife is working in a hospital and that entitles her for a 90% discount on bills while as a husband, it entitles for a 70% discount. With my current MSIG insurance, I am entitled to claim the 100% of the bill as long as it won’t exceed my policy limit. With this, I know I will make more money when I am sick. Isn’t that great?


There are various health insurance companies you can approach to get yourself insured. Just make sure you get the best benefit out of your money.

It’s very costly to get sick abroad. Don’t let this become a burden to you. Get yourself insured now!

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