75% or 54M Filipinos Do Not Have Investments

This data is not shocking at all. Perhaps it’s even lower on the outskirts part of the country, where financial literacy is really non existing. There is a huge part of our population that do not have investments or access to any financial products. Most likely they do not have money to save/invest or they do not know anything about ... Read More »

5 Insurance Coverage You Need to Know

Buying insurance is a bit complicated for those who are not familiar with it. Often times, insurance agent do not discuss the topic pretty well. Some of them just do product pushing and let the client get what they want base on their personal gains. When buying insurance, it is the client’s responsibility to educate themselves on what they are ... Read More »

Why Filipinos Do not Give Insurance More Importance?

In a 2018 article in Inquirer site, a research from Sun Life Financial Philippines Inc. shows that there are only 16% of middle to upper income Filipinos have insurance products. This is considered to be very low. Most likely, more than 95% of those who bought insurance are considered as under-insured. These are those who get insurance but do not ... Read More »

In Times of Crisis, Hold On to Your Cash

hold cash

SARS pandemic in 2002 only lasted for 8 months. There were no widespread lock down and no millions of jobs lost. Economy around the world were not that much affected.Then came the COVID 19 pandemic which was believed to start as early as Dec 2019. It’s now October of 2020 and still no sight of getting better. 2nd wave or ... Read More »

How Pandemic Prove Us Wrong and Humble Us

In the past, I always advocate to have at least 6 months emergency fund. It’s all fine till the pandemic hits. We always thought that we are prepared financially. We assume that we have enough to last the hard times. This pandemic proves us wrong. It humbles us. Having 6 months of emergency fund is really not enough during the ... Read More »

Managing Your Finances During the Pandemic

There’s no doubt that the COVID 19 pandemic has caused us a lot of stress, especially since half of the workers are underpaid or are currently jobless. We have been in quarantine for so long yet nothing has changed, only the salaries of our workers. Managing your finances is an essential nowadays because you know what you’re spending our money ... Read More »