Financial Literacy

Borrowing Money for Investment

Early this year, I received an email from one of my subscriber as per below. Let’s call her Ms X to protect her identity. Sir: Thanks a lot for this information..I’m one of your follower..I also love reading your blogs and other inspiring topics. I have a two sons in college. Last 2011 one of my friend inspired me to ... Read More »

Compounding Interest: Friend or Foe?

Albert Einstein once said that compounding interest is the 8th wonders of the world. He also said that it is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time. All of us can leverage on it, either becoming its friend or foe. Compounding interest is the interest earning upon interest, upon interest, upon interest… As A Friend Best way to leverage it ... Read More »

How Much Do You Need for Your Child’s Education?

Our baby is coming soon 🙂 As a responsible parents, we talked about his future and planned for it. Most especially his education and how we can prepare. With our goal of retiring at 40’s, we need to find ways to make it sure that we have enough funds to support our child and send him to the best school ... Read More »

In Investment, We Diversify

In investment, diversification plays a very important role. I have blogged this topic last time, but now I want to walk the talk and challenged ourselves to do it even better. Diversification means investing in various investment vehicles to minimize the risk of losses. We are currently on a bull run market, our economy is growing significantly. However, this is ... Read More »

How to Buy Stocks using SAM of Truly Rich Club

I am a newbie investor in stocks. Me and my wife just started less than a year ago and we keep on learning from it. We know investing in stocks is risky, so we chose a mentor to guide us all the way. That’s why we joined the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez. One of the perks of being ... Read More »