Real Estate

Build Your Own Money Machines

In cashflow 101 and 202 boardgames, our goal is to get out of the rat race and move into the fast track. And to get out of it, we need to manage our portfolio and build passive income that is greater than our monthly expenses. How do we do that? By buying real estate rental properties, building business, royalties and ... Read More »

Investment Taxes in the Philippines

Making your money work for you means it will also work for the government. With various investment vehicles to consider, it is only appropriate to know what are the taxes involve on each investments. Here’s some of the taxes imposed in our country. SAVINGS ACCOUNT In case you don’t know, average savings account in the Philippines earned around 0.30% per ... Read More »

How to Find a Tenant for Your Property in the Philippines

As an OFW, I know some of you have invested in real estate properties like condominium. If you need more information about this, you should go on Our site.  Not for personal use, but mostly as a rental property. I bought mine last 2009 and we had a turnover last year before the school year starts. By the way, the ... Read More »

Get the Best Dog Training System from Krista Cantrell

Dog is considered as man’s best friend. It is loved my most people and regarded as a good friend, defender and partner in your everyday life. On the other hand, we are the master and at the same time, the teacher. It is a fact that dog is considered as the most loving and faithful creature in all animals living ... Read More »