SIRI: The Reason why you should get the latest iPhone 4S

Many iPhone followers are disappointed with the release of the latest iPhone model. They thought that it would be version 5 already. I already anticipated that Apple will not release version 5 yet, which is the best thing that they did. Version 4 was just launched last year, and most of the iPhone users are still binded with the minimum ... Read More »

Amazon Kindle Fire: Is it a worthy iPad nemesis?

As have rumoured since last year, Amazon wanted to bite a piece of the Apple iPad success. Since the launch of their Kindle ebook reader, they want to upgrade it to be a worthy competitor in a tablet industry. It’s not a surprise why Amazon also join in the race for getting tablet users. Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is Android ... Read More »

Watch Out for HP Touchpad in Singapore COMEX 2011 for US$99

Recently, HP announced that they will put a halt on the production of their webOS products, including their Touchpad tablet. They cited a saturable market for tablet PC’s as well as poor sale performance compare to rival products from Apple, Samsung and the like. In view of this decision, they are currently clearing their stocks of this product. In US, ... Read More »

Nokia 100/101: A Phone for Low End Consumers

While people in countries like America, Europe and Singapore are waiting for the latest iPhone or iPad release, there are several countries who are not keen or even thrilled by this latest gadget craze. In a third world countries in Africa and Asia, having the most high end gadget is not something to aspire for. We have seen the dominance ... Read More »

OFW’s Check this Out: Walang Natira by Gloc 9

Here’s another great music for OFW’s by Gloc 9. The lyrics are great, reflecting the true stories behind our countries continuous export of manpower. I don’t know about the guy who sing this song, but I know Sheng Belmonte. She was my classmate in grade 4, Bayanihan Elementary School somewhere in Quezon City. I still remember her during those days. ... Read More »