Christopher Lao on his floating car

Recent typhoons caused heavy flooding in some part of the Philippines including Metro Manila. News and tweets about it are all over the internet. Out of nowhere, a certain Christopher Lao emerged as one of the trending topics all over the social networking sites.

Here’s where it started.

For obvious reason, his arrogance earned the irks of many netizens. Common sense should told him that the road was flooded and other vehicles are not dare to cross the flood. But out of the blue, he just decided to cross and at the middel road, his car literally float. Luckily, few bystanders helped him bring his car back to safety.

On the other hand, his points are valid. There should be enough signs and information posted for the dangers ahead. Only that his way delivering it sounds arrogant in others point of view. What can he expect much in the government? They have lots of things need to do than reminding him that the flood is beyond his car’s limitation.

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