COL Guide for Newbies in Buying and Selling Stocks

I’ve been receiving several queries on how to buy and sell stocks thru Citisec Online website. This post will be helpful for starters as this will guide you the ins and outs of the system. This is only for those who already have COL account with fund already so as to begin buying stocks. In case you still don’t have COL account and do not know how to open one, try to read my blog post about opening stocks account.

Note: Some articles below are my personal explanation using my own terms and some are from COL website.

To begin with, here’s the screenshot of what you will see upon login to your COL account.

COL system

1. QUICKLINKS. This is a shortcut to the most useful link in the website. From here you can visit links such as stocks, watchlist, charting, order, view order and portfolio.

2. TICKER. This is the latest and real time transactions that is happening on the trading floor. See below example to understand more about the daily ticker.

daily ticker

3. MAIN MENU TABS. These are links to the inner sections of the website where you can navigate and check. Almost all the site links can be accessed thru here.

4. QUICK GLANCE. This is a quick summary of what is happening in the stock market. These includes most actives, top gainers, top losers, market and your own portfolio.

5. STATUS. This part displays that status of the stock market whether it is pre open, open or close.

6. ACCOUNT STATUS. This part shows information about the user which includes account number, login history, total portfolio and the last 5 trades executed.

7. STOCK. From this portion, you can type the stock code to see the details of the stock. You can also click either BUY or SELL to execute transaction.

8. PSEi CHART. This shows the graphical chart of the PSE movement on that day.

 9. LATEST RESEARCH. This are the articles published by COL which includes market research, technical guide and investment guide.

10. COL ANNOUNCEMENT. All the Citisec announcement can be found here.

 11. PSE NEWS. All the PSE related news can be found here.

Now let’s take a look at the QUICKLINKS section.

STOCK. By entering the stock code, you can find a lot of information about the stock. You can also do buy and sell from this area.


WATCHLIST. There are more than 200 companies listed in Philippine Stocks Exchange. In order to view most of them in one page, you can add the stocks yo want in your watchlist. From there, you can monitor your stocks.


CHARTING. This shows the movement of the stocks in a given time. You can also tweak it to display some of the parameters needed for technical analysis.


ORDER. You can place your trade here. Just select from the details and fill up the fields. There’s also the detail of the stocks on the middle and right side.


VIEW ORDER. Once you place your order, the system will match it to either buyer or seller with same amount that you bid. If there is no match transaction, your order will be pending here until such time that the transaction is successful.


 PORTFOLIO. You can see all your stocks here and indicates whether you gain or you lose from it. On top, you can see your remaining cash balance and total equity below the stocks table. On the bottom part, you will see all the news and updates about the stocks that you have. If the company has dividends or any news, you can find it below.


Reading Stock Quotes

Stock quotes show you the willingness to buy and sell in a market. A Bid (or buying) price represents the willingness for a buyer to purchase stock at that price. The Ask (or selling) price represents the willingness of a seller to sell shares of stock at that price. The size columns make reference to the number of shares that these buyers or sellers are posting to trade.


One reads and states a quote by first reading the highest buying price followed by the lowest selling price. For example, our chart below emphasizes “Buying at Php 4.12 and Selling at Php 4.14” You can buy directly and immediately if you agree to Buy Up at the seller’s best lowest asking price of Php 4.14. Your order size (or volume) will reflect a deduction in the Ask Size column.


On the other hand, if you don’t mind waiting and aiming to buy shares at a lower price, you can Post and line up in queue with the hope that a seller may choose to Sell Down to your desired price.


Once an order is matched, it will be reflected in the Last 5 Trades box showing the details of the trade transaction. This is also known as the Last Trade or the current market price.


Buying and Selling Stocks

You enter an order by filling out the order entry box with the stock code, number of shares you wish to buy or sell, and then the price you wish to trade. Thereafter please click on the Preview Order button to review and verify your order. Notice that a Buy order is highlighted in green and a Sell order is highlighted in red.


Once you click the PREVIEW ORDER button, you will see below screen. From here you will see the total charges and order. Enter your password and click PLACE BUY ORDER to execute the trade. In case you want to modify your order, you can go to QUICKCLINKS and click VIEW ORDER.


Don’t have COL account yet? Read step by step guide in opening COL account.

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