Do we really have freedom?

Do we really have freedom?

History tells us that our forefathers have fought hard to achieve freedom. Freedom from oppression and freedom from foreign colony. When they finally achieved it, they celebrated with so much joy. This is the best legacy that they passed on to us.


Fast forward, here we are now. Our country is free at last. We have our own government running the country. But how about us, individual citizen. Do we really have the freedom that we think we have?

I believe otherwise.

How can we say we are free if somebody will tell  us what to do?

How can we say we are free if somebody will tell us when to work and when to take vacation?

How can we say we are free if somebody will decide how much we will earn and how much we will make in a month?

How can we say we are free if somebody will tell us when to eat and what to wear everyday?

How can we say we are free if somebody will decide whether to hire us or fire us?

This is not freedom, this is modern day slavery. Most of us are slaves, depending our lives on the mercy of our boss and company.

Financial freedom gives us the kind of freedom that we want. Are you working hard towards attaining it? If not, you will forever be a slaves in the modern world. Isn’t it great to have the luxury of time and money, where you can decide everything base on your preference? Financial freedom is the only way to get the kind of freedom that we truly want.


Try to imagine yourself 10 years from now.Do you see any difference from your current situation? Are you still fighting to get the kind of freedom that you’ve been longing for? Do you expect something good will happen along the way?

Your future is define by what you do today. Freedom is not an idea, don’t let it reside only in your mind. Make it happen. ACT now!

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