Do We Really Need OEC (Overseas Exit Clearance)?

Travel Exit Clearance is a clearance issued by POEA to OFWs who will leave Philipines for employment purpose. OFWs with working visa/employment contracts will be allowed to leave the Philippines only if they have a POEA travel exit clearance. Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) is an example of Travel Exit Clearance for OFWs.

Now the question is, do we really need OEC in which we have to pay S$6 each?

As an OFW, we already paid the OWWA contribution of $25 per contract. In Singapore, we have to pay S$42 for maximum of 2 years OWWA membership.

In order to be registered as a member, we have to show several documents such as employment pass, employment contract, passport and OFW sheet.

Initially, their intention is to prevent undocumented worker going outside the country, preventing some unforeseen disadvantages to them. However, will the S$6 fee prevent that from happening? What will happen to that contribution then, and where it will be allocated?

As a Singapore OFW, I don’t see any significance of paying such contribution in which I can’t see anything that they have made out of it. Or any projects that they have implemented with the use of this fund. For me, it’s just another fund prone to corruption.

Are they aware that getting such document here in Singapore can take up to 3 hours or more?

In 2008 report from COA(Commission on Audit), they found out that there was around Php40 million worth of bonuses and incentives illegally distributed to POEA staff. Is the money come from our OEC payments? I do not know, but it could be.

There are other ways of ensuring that the departing OFW is legal and is a registered member of OWWA. We can show our employment pass, OWWA membership receipt and even employment contract to the POEA booth in the airport. Will that cost S$6 to each to verify? Is this really applicable to vacationing OFW with existing jobs abroad?

It is sad to say that there are lots of government officials taking advantage of OFW’s. Considering the numbers of OFW all over the world.

I wouldn’t care much if the fund is used for a noteworthy cause. But as long as I never see any noteworthy projects done by them, I strongly oppose paying and securing OEC for vacationing OFW.

OFW overseas exit clearance

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15 thoughts on “Do We Really Need OEC (Overseas Exit Clearance)?”

  1. yes im a new “OFW” will leave the Philippines to work in Gibraltar, but found out i need this. and such a tedious process again after the VISA itself…

    this is just not right… someone should change this!

  2. After a long time of pursing my luck to work overseas, I finally found a very good opportunity and was employed through direct hiring. When I went to POEA, I found out that they would not like to process my application since according to them, there is a limit to how many workers they can allow through direct hiring. I was advised to inform my employer overseas that I should go through an agency for my application for OEC to be processed. What I don’t understand is why I have to go through an agency when I have processed the required documents legally and diligently. Besides, I would still be considered a documented worker since I would pass through POEA and pay the designated fees. I am willing to work abroad to give a better life to my family and it seems that they are blocking this once in a lifetime opportunity.

    • i know your frustrations….we present OFW’s have our own in regards to our government. nakakapanghinayang lang kasi wala tayong magawa against them, and we don’t have other choice to process all the documents we needed.

  3. Ngayun iba na, to get an oec i have to pay 100usd to poea, 25usd to owwa, 900pesos to phillheatlh, and 500 pesos to pag ibig. it very clear that 2011 government is taking advantage of ofw. matakaw sa pera administration ni noynoy aquino. kng d nya to alam wala sya kwentang pangulo!!!!

  4. This is really frustrating! It is so sad na kahit saan tayo magpunta, hinahabol at pini-pera-han tayo ng ating gobyerno. sobra naman ‘to.

    I am also working in Singapore, and I shared this with our fellow kababayan na officemate ko. sabi nya, “$6 lang naman yun…” nabigla lang ako kase, di naman yun ang point eh. I’d be willing to give more than $6 kung alam ko saan napupunta ito, as you’ve mentioned in your article. Pero hindi eh. Kung ang pag-iisip ng ating mga kababayan ay sige lang ng sige, talagang wala na tayong pag-asa. Just imagine $6 for every OFW na uuwi. Sa’n kaya napupunta yan?

    “An Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), is a requirement under POEA Rules and Regulaitons to help ensure that Filipino overseas workers (OFWs) are properly documented and protected.” — nakakatawa lang yung last part, documented and protected. The only protection we need is from them na sobrang mangurakot. Mga walang-hiya.

  5. it is clear & obvoius bcoz everybody experience this, if u had investigate & study on how your government implemented the fees & payments, u will find out how “creative” and ridicolous they formulate it. Poor filipinos!!!!, more funny!!!!! countries abroad knew and was alarmed on such fees when entering philippines as tourist to be considered. Corruption on your government is a tradition and will become a culture… tstst, don’t be surprise in the next few months,,,,expect new payments!!! poor OFWs!!

  6. tourist po akong ngpunta ng malaysia ngaun po ng aply ako ng house maid dt ,may visa na po ako at contract so complete nmn po yung papels ko para kumuha ng oec ,so gusto ko pong magbaskasyo tatanong ko lng kung ano ano ang mga requirement sa pag kuha ng oec …..

  7. i just finished processing my OEC in clark, pampanga. what i really don´t understand is that why i should need to pay the philhealth, that i basically don´t need it, because i have health insurance where i currently residing. They( philhealth officer) told me that it is mandatory. Hay naku!!! Poor Filipinos…..BANGON PILIPINAS!!! Ang layo po ng sistema natin kumpara sa ibang bansa. Kaya wala tayong asenso. Umaasenso puro mga politician na corrupt!!!

  8. POEA paki breakdown nyo na po kung bakit ganun kalaki ang babayaran sa POEA processing fee na me halagang 100USD? San po ba eto mapupunta? Hindi ba talaga papaailisin ng Immigation officer ang worker kung me stamp na ang passport nya ng visa?

  9. pls paki help po need ko advice ..ahm andito po ako ngwork sa dubai ,nung first time ko pagpunta dito hindi ako nakaregister sa owwa kasi ung visa na gamit ko noon papunta dito ay visit visa tapos ng makarating ako dito na e change na sa working visa..uuwi ako sa pinas dis coming august tapos sabi nila hindi daw ako makakuha ng oec pag hindi nkaregister sa owwa..anu po ba gagawin ko ?anu po yung mga requirement for application?slamat po

  10. hahay nakakafrust talaga pabalik na sana hubby ko sa malaysia, kaso lang kailangan pa daw ng ganito eh papano ba yun nandun na sa maynila wala na ngang pamasahe pauwi dito sa amin… please pakitanggal nalang sa law na to…

  11. Nakakalungkot halos against the government ang mga comments. Unlike other nations who have high regard on their government. If they have problems they go asking theirselves, family and community before the government. With regards with the OEC this is only 100 pesos and serves 2 purpose as an exit pass and exemption to travel tax.. what more do you ask for?

    • Ang point po kasi, bakit pa kailangan ng travel tax pag lalabas ng bansa at saan ito napupunta. Hindi po lahat ng tao ay kayang ipag walang bahala nalang ito. Marahil sa iba ay maliit na halaga lang ito, or go with the flow na lang ika nga basta matapos lang – parang ikaw.

      Ang malungkot lang dun, walang magawa ang mga mamamayan laban sa gobyerno tungkol dito.

  12. ….Have a good ‘..
    Magtatanong lang po sana ako kung paano ba kukuha nag OEC?
    ano ano pong requirments ang kailangang dalhin pag kukuha nag OEC?
    Salamat po……


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