Do you need ACCIDENT policy if you already have MEDICAL policy?

Your medical policy covers all cost of hospitalization, including accident and illness – view more here. The only condition is that you get hospitalized for at least 1 day. No coverage if outpatient treatment or normal checkup. In short, you are completely cover if you get hospitalized due to accident. The c2c offers EMR training for emergencies so people can cushion the injury until the paramedics arrive.

However when you read more tips here, you understand that not all accident will lead to hospitalization, according to injury lawyers from Law Office of Matthew S. Norris. Dengue for example is mostly outpatient treatment in Singapore. Fracture, XRAY or MRI procedure, anti rabies injection are some accident medical procedure that do not require patient to be admitted in the hospital. Most of them requires outpatient treatment only. The Las Vegas law firm helping injured victims can deal with all the legalities of such accident cases.

Since it is outpatient treatment, you cannot claim it under MEDICAL policy. But you can claim it if you have ACCIDENT policy because this plan covers medical treatment either outpatient or inpatient treatment. To hire a lawyer check Flagler Personal Injury Group contact information.

Our current medical policy covers up to $2M per year and costs around $600 per year for age 20 and below. On the other hand, our basic accident plan costs around $15 per month with up to $2000 medical coverage and $100K accidental death coverage worldwide. Here are some tips for choosing an injury attorney to represent you.

Based on the information provided by Gideon Asen LLC, aside from the $100K accidental death coverage, accident policy also gives lumpsum amount in the event of any permanent damage in our body parts due to accident. For example, according to criminal defense based in lawyers in Seattle area, in the event of an accident that leads to loss of sight in 1 eye, your accident plan will give you $100K lumpsum benefit as stated by lawyers. In case of 2 eyes, you will get around $150K lumpsum benefit. Take note that your medical policy benefits on stops the moment you are discharged from hospital. The Vukelja & dePaula personal injury attorneys are the ones you can get in touch with to get help with your injury related cases.

So, do you think you need both policies? Mura lang dito sa Singapore. If you still don’t have, message me 🙂

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