Fairytale is Only for Children, Not for Adults and Real World

Fairytale is Only for Children, Not for Adults and Real World

“Study hard, get good grades, finish college and have a good job.”

Sounds familiar to you? I guess this is the most common line that parents are advising on their children since they were young. So, being a good son and daughter, we exactly did the same and follow their footsteps. We work hard even more than eight hours a day, get a good salary, good position and employed in big companies.

“And they live happily, ever after.”

I hope we all end living happily ever after, same with the fairytale characters that we all know.

But in reality, this advice is an old fairytale story. Why? Look at yourselves, look at the people around you. Did they enjoy the kind of life that they dreamed of? Yes, they may have work today. But have you ask them if they are happy with what they are doing? Are they contented doing it for the rest of of their life or they plan to look for a better opportunity, better job, better pay? And when they finally get that better option today, tomorrow there will be another better company. This cycle never ends, until they finally notice that they grow old and can’t work anymore.

This is the kind of scenario that this old line can give to us. We work and keep on working for the rest of our life. Forever trap in the life’s rat race.

I have a lot of friends and people I know. They were well educated and finished college, some even get a distinction during graduation. Where are these people now? Some of them migrated to other country and look for a better job. I don’t have any grudge on working to other country for whatever job that you may have. I’m an OFW by the way. Today we live in practical world where money matters most.

Let’s go back to the old fairytale line that we have. Do you think we can achieve the kind of happiness that we wanted being slave to our job, working 8 hours a day and wating every month end for a pay check? The answer is a big no.

To be able to enjoy life, we must have both financial and time freedom. We may have huge paycheck, but we may have less time to our family. We may have much free time, but we may earn less to support a living. Do you get what I mean?

Rich people have different mindset. Instead of focusing being an employee, they focus on becoming business owners and investors.

Upon realizing this, I decided to have a change in mindset and focus on things that could give me passive income aside from my active income every month. This is the only way I can enjoy my life and have both financial and time freedom. Roads leading to this path are long and bumpy, but with right attitude and much learning, I believe we can make it.

We have to start now and change our course of action. While still working full time, try to divert your free time looking for other means that could give you passive income. Invest in education and focus on learning new things. Learn how to master your cashflow and do what rich people are doing. Study and keep on studying to learn new things about business and investment.

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