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Dog is considered as man’s best friend. It is loved my most people and regarded as a good friend, defender and partner in your everyday life. On the other hand, we are the master and at the same time, the teacher. It is a fact that dog is considered as the most loving and faithful creature in all animals living out there. They obey and do what we say, only if we train them to do so. Proper training is needed before this stage can be attained; doing whatever you wanted them to do as long as they can. First , we need to establish our selves as their leader or master that they need to obey and follow. Once this one is established, they will follow whatever commands that we want them to do. By doing this, we are actually taming them to behave well. All dog lovers and owners should know how to control his dog and do some basic dog training commands.

I love dogs and I grew up with several dogs in our house. I tried to teach them some basic things and they usually follow. However, teaching them for more than 20 minutes will usually get them bored and lost interest. In the end, they try to neglect the commands you are teaching them. Short sessions is ideal and suitable to train them. By repeating this short sessions everyday, the dog will eventually learn it and at the same time, enjoy it.

Dog owners instead of the dog are most of the times need to be blame if the dog doesn’t obey them. We are the one that has the higher thinking and we should adopt on the way dog thinks for them to follow what we want them to do. Mistakes are commonly made unknowingly, resulting to more disobedience along the way.

Krista Cantrell is one of best dog trainer that we have right now. She was featured in major television network and was hailed as the best in her field. Aside from being a dog trainer, she was also a best selling author of Dog content articles. She just launched her “Best Dog Ever Training System” that could help every dog lover’s out there who wants to teach their dogs the things that they want them to do. Right now, it is the top dog training program that you can find in the internet with millions of people grabbing a copy and enrolling on the system.

The best dog ever training system that Krista Cantrell made solve first the very basic step in training dogs, which is obedience. For some, this could be a very tough task teaching your dog to obey you. Especially if you have no idea how to do it and if the dog is not listening to you at all. On her award winning system, she teaches how to earn the loyalty of your dog and finally obey whatever command you tell them. As their master, you can easily train them and do whatever tricks you want them to do.

best dog ever training system by Krista Cantrell

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  1. Very nice article. It is very true that a dog is a man’s best friend. It is loving, caring and should be treated properly. And for that to happen, we, as owners must properly train them. This article is very informative as to how to go about this.


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