Guide in Opening Philequity Mutual Fund for Your Children

Guide in Opening Philequity Mutual Fund for Your Children

With our baby coming nearly, I inquire in Philequity on how to open mutual fund account for kids. I know we can do that as parents, I’ve watched it on ANC On the Money segment with Rose Fausto as the guest. Parents, in case you don’t know her, she’s the author of the book teaching her kids on investing in stocks and other financial literacy lessons. I recommend you get a copy in the National Bookstore and apply it with your children.

Instead of getting a college insurance plan for our baby, we’re planning to get a mutual fund account for him instead. Even if it’s Php 1K every month, by the time he goes to college, he can choose wherever school he wants to enroll without any financial issue.

raising pinoy boys

For Philequity, the process is almost similar in opening ordinary mutual fund account. Here are the steps:

1. Download and fill up below forms

2. Provide clear copies of 2 valid id with visible signature and photo (1 id should be gov’t issued and must not be expired). For OFW, add another working pass ID issued by the current country you are working

3. Provide clear photocopy of child’s Birth Certificate and If student, kindly provide his/her school id

4. Provide proof of Initial Investment. Click here for their bank account.

5. Put all these documents in an envelope and mail to their address below:

Philequity Management Inc.
Unit 2004A, 20/F, East Tower,
Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City Philippines

Follow this procedure for applications in the Philippines. For OFW’s, there’s an added steps for your account to be approved. They need the primary account holder to be validated and make sure of the identity. There are 2 ways to do this. First is you go to the embassy and ask them to stamp a CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of your passport photocopy before sending it to them. Second way is they will schedule you for a SKYPE video chat to meet your on camera and brief interview.

(If you are abroad, you can open Philequity account. You just need to provide the application forms and your initial deposit. To know more about it, just message me on Facebook. )

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  1. how much is the monthly payment for Phil-equity?

  2. hi! just want to ask how do i fill up the form from philequity? i mean what account name and account number should i write in the investor risk profiling and investment application form? is it mine or philequity’s? such as the account name and account number of my chosen fund. i’m sorry if i asked a stupid question. i really don’t get it. thank you

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