How am I going to retire and get out of the rat race?

How am I going to retire and get out of the rat race?

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Yesterday I posted my wife’s portfolio in my facebook account. Not to brag, but to inspire people to invest while they can and still have monthly pay check. In case you are not aware, she resigned from her job to take care of our first child. But even though her monthly pay check is gone, her money keeps on working for her thru her paper asset investments. IF it will grow at 15% annually in the next 10 years, the interest alone is more than enough for us to retire, and live a comfortable life.

When it comes to investment, we have separate account 🙂 I let her invest in whatever instruments that she is comfortable with. I just give her advice. At the end of the day, it’s for our family.

My Wife's Investment Portfolio

My Wife’s Investment Portfolio

Unlike my wife’s current portfolio, I invested most part of my money to a rental property that is currently giving me positive cashflow today. It started when I bought a pre-selling condo in Manila way back 2009. I didn’t have enough investment knowledge back then, luckily I chose a good location which makes it very easy to find a tenant.

My Portfolio

My Portfolio

I also have my paper asset investments that I know will increase in value over years. Looking at our target retirement age of 40, we know we are on our way if we will just continue our current investment. With our current monthly expenses in the Philippines, we’ll survive with the interest IF it will grow 15% annually.

I still have 8 more years to prepare. I just have to keep adding funds to my mutual fund in PH and global fund here in SG. Hopefully I can get another rental property before I hit 40. Anyway, I still have my JOB. At retirement, I want to have a positive cashflow from my real estate that will take care of our daily expenses while our paper assets keeps on growing 🙂

If you ask me 2 years ago about financial planning and investments, I’ll probably just look at you in the face. Same with most Filipino’s, I don’t have any idea where to put my money. Probably if I didn’t get into financial literacy, I should have a big house and a brand new car in the Philippines by now. Though we may look rich outside, we may end up working for the rest of our life.

With the principle of delayed gratification, we plan to buy house and other liabilities during our retirement days. Of course, I will still apply kurot principle.

Our Total Investment Portfolio

Our Total Investment Portfolio

I am posting this not to brag. I am posting this to inspire fellow OFW’s to take charge of their finances and have a proper financial planning WHILE THEY STILL CAN. I know a lot of OFW’s are spending decades of their lives working abroad but still end up broke on their retirement. Or left with little savings or none at all, not even enough to fund their golden days.

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