How to be an Agrivestor

How to be an Agrivestor

AGRIVESTORS are those who are actively investing in the agriculture. It may not be in any dictionary, it’s a term we want to call ourselves. We take pride on being one, helping the farmer feed the people.

Most investors usually invest in stocks, pooled funds, real estate or business. Unknowingly, the opportunity in agriculture can be as high or even higher than these sectors.

There are 2 ways to invest in agriculture: you can be a farmer or investor. The first is agripreneur,  the second one is agrivestor. As OFW’s, we don’t have the time to physically raise pigs or plant vegetables. What we have is extra money to invest. We just need a legitimate company or individual to handle the farm for us 🙂

Let me share with you how to be an agrivestor.


To be one, you need to have investment in any agriculture products. These could be a vegetable, plants, trees, livestock, marine culture and the rest. There’s a lot of them, choose which one is best for you.


Unlike stocks and mutual funds that are readily available, agri opportunities are rare to find especially if you do not know where to look. First, start in your community. Look for a farmer who needs fund to start his agri business. It could be your neighbour who are willing to raise pigs for you. Or your relatives who can plant vegetables for you. Try to get a deal where both parties will be rewarded in the end. In our province in Batangas, for livestock we call this as “PAIWI”. The investor fund the purchase then the farmer will raise the livestock. Both shares the profit after selling the livestock.


Paying a visit to the nearest agrarian office can help. You can inquire them or ask for referrals if they know any farmer who are actively looking for funds. They have all the connections and database of the existing farmers in the region.


If there is a farm near your place, visit them. See what they offer and observe how they do the business. It will also give you idea how things are managed in an actual farm. Ask them if they are looking for investors like you, who are willing to fund their farm. Most of our speakers in our agri events are existing farms looking for funding for expansion. So it pays to visit and check these farms if they need your help.


There’s no other people who can give you more info about agri investments than your fellow agrivestor. Be friend with them. Share each other what opportunities you have and update each other in case anyone knows any agri investments looking for funding. The more network the better. A win-win situation for all of you.


Some farmers are already in facebook. They also network with the rest of the agri communities. They ask each other, they share tips and other useful information. You can post on the group and ask if any of them are looking for funding. Or if you are lucky, maybe some will post if they need the funds 🙂 Grab this kind of opportunity.


There are regular agri events in the Philippines. All you need is to attend those events and mingle with the farmers. Be friend with them and ask for contacts. Don’t be afraid to ask if they need investor like you. You can also find fellow agrivestors on these events.


Lastly, attend TGFI Singapore events. We regularly invites existing agri business/individuals to pitch their investment in our events. I think we are the only group who regularly conducts various agri related investment event almost every month outside the Philippines 🙂 The good thing is, all attendees will be given priority to invest. On all our speakers, we usually demand them to offer the investment opportunity to our members first. It’s part of the deal. Usually after the event, our members will took all the investment slots. No need for them to pitch outside our TGFI SG community. I may sound selfish, but that’s one downside of agri investments. Opportunities are limited to few investors only and not for all unlike in stocks and mutual funds. Once the farmer raise the amount suitable for his 1 hectare farm, that’s it. He will not ask for investor anymore.

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That’s it 🙂 Hope to see you on our upcoming events. For list of events, you can visit this link

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  1. Hello Richard, I have read some of your blogs. Kudos to you for your efforts in providing information to Filipinos abroad on opportunities for investment. I have heeded some of your tips. Just wanted to show my appreciation.

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