How to Make Your Travel Time a Very Productive One

How to Make Your Travel Time a Very Productive One

On average, people spend around 500 to 1000 hours per year sitting in a car, riding in a bus, or any means of transportation they use everyday. That’s quite a lot of hours that can either be wasted or be productive.

For most people I saw, they are either sleeping, watching movies on their mobile phone, facebooking, playing and other unproductive tasks. These are time wasted for me, as we can make it productive by doing other things.

I recommend using this time to gain knowledge and educate yourself. Turn your car or bus or mrt into a moving classroom not with the use of books, but thru the use of the device that we all have: mobile phones. There are what we called audio books that we can load into our phone so that we can listen to it anywhere we want.

If we will allocate 1 hour of our time everyday, in a week we could have finished one book. In a year, that’s around 50 books. However, in reality, we only have an average of one book read in a year. Most of our extra time are either wasted or used in a non productive activities.

Here’s how I used my travel time to learn new stuff and to educate myself.

I’m an Apple fanatic and I always have my iPhone and iPad in my bag. I installed an app called MC TUBE PRO, which can download youtube videos so you watch it offline. The free version can only allow you to download up to 5 youtube videos, so I suggest you invest around $2 to buy the PRO version. Charge it to your personal investment.


In Youtube, I found out that there are lots of audio books from well known speakers and best selling authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Anthony Hopkins, Zig Zylar, etc. Their topics varies from financial investment, personal development and a lot more. I downloaded a lot of these youtube clips and save it on my iPad.


As for my iPhone, I only use it for backup in case my other device got low battery. But inside, I also have lots of audio files most especially from Truly Rich Club of Bro Bo Sanchez.


For Apple devices, you can play video files even if your screen is OFF. You just need to press the play button on the headset and it will play the audio of the youtube clip you downloaded.

Everyday, I travelled more than an hour just to go to the office. Back and forth, roughly around 3 hours worth of travel time that could have been wasted if I didn’t use my time properly. Listening to these audio books makes my time really worthwhile.

Learning is a continuous process. Make use of your time the best possible way. Think of ways how you can best use it or just simply follow what I am doing. In the end, our goal is to keep on learning.

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