How to Monitor Your Mutual Fund Investment

I assume you already have your mutual fund investment account in any of the provider from the Philippines. Now what? How are you going to track the fund and monitor your fund growth? How can you compute for your growth percentage over time?

To illustrate how to monitor your fund, I am going to use FAMI SALEF.

After you send your application form to them, they will reply back with your Confirmation Receipt (COR). If you put your address correctly, you will receive it on your mailbox.


Inside the mail, you will find your COR where all the details of your investments are written. These includes informations such as:

  • Total Amount Remitted
  • Sales Load Fee
  • No. of Shares Purchased
  • Net Asset Value per Share (NAVPS)
  • Date Purchased
  • COR Number


Everyday, FAMI is updating the current price per share of the funds. For this case, you need to visit their website and you’ll see the update on the upper right side of the page.


In order to compute the gains, you need the NAVPS when you bought your fund and the current NAVPS. For this example, I bought my share at Php 4.9586 and the current NAVPS is Php 5.3892.

The formula is:

[ (current NAVPS – NAVPS price when you bought) / NAVPS price when you bought  ] x 100%
[ (5.3892 – 4.9586) / 4.9586 ] x 100 % = 8.68%

This shows that my investment already grows 8.68% as of the current NAVPS date.

In most cases, you will top up your investment. That means, you will receive another COR for your investment. In order to keep track of it, try to create an excel sheet with details as below so you can monitor your shares accordingly. The last column % growth is optional as you need to compute this every time. But in excel, you can automate this if you know so you just need to fill up the current NAVPS and it will calculate automatically.


Take note, you have to keep this COR in a safe place. You will use it to withdraw your fund in the future. Lost of it could give you some hassle in withdrawing your funds as you have to execute some affidavit of loss documents.

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4 thoughts on “How to Monitor Your Mutual Fund Investment”

  1. Sir what if nag-invest ako sa equity fund ng FAMI sa pinas and then after that I worked abroad. Paano ako ngayon makakapag top sa investment ko every month?

  2. hi sir leonard. may bank account ang FAMI, i think its METROBANK. all you need is to deposit the money on that account. or you can ask your family member to deposit the money directly from the bank. they just need to fill up the deposit form and put your FAMI account para ma credit sa account mo.


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