In Investment, Time is Your Ally

In Investment, Time is Your Ally

Filipinos are very poor in financial literacy. As a matter of fact, only less than 1% are investing in stocks as per PSE update. To be exact, only half of that 1% invest in stocks.

Same goes with mutual fund, for sure most Filipinos don’t know about it. That includes me a year ago, I don’t have any idea about it.

Not knowing investment early would be one of my regrets in life. I’ve wasted several years working abroad working for money, when in fact I should have made my money work for me instead.

I’m a product of a typical filipino family, financially illiterate. Our current education too, never teach us the subject about money. Here we are all, working hard to earn money.

In investment, time is your greatest ally. There is a great advantage of starting to invest at a young age compare than older ones. To prove my point, let me give you some example.

Let’s say I started working at age 23 and my planned retirement age is 40 years old. Target savings is Php 5K per month.

Let’s use 20% as the annual growth for this example.

By starting at age 23, saving and investing Php 5K per month, I would have around Php 9 million by age 40. Just by interest alone, I can have around Php 150K monthly without touching my principal investment. I could have retire young and rich.


However, I started quite late at age 31. If I will save Php 5K per month and invest, it will never become Php 9 million at age 40.

Even if I save and invest Php 20K monthly, it cannot match the compounded interest produce when I save at age 23. Take note, total investment is even doubled at age 31, but still no much for it.


As they say, compounding interest is one of the greatest power in this world. And time is the biggest factor that affects it. The higher the time, the higher the growth you will have. That’s the value of long term invement. It may take that long, but the reward is fulfilling.

Don’t wait to be old to start investing. Start when you are young. Time is your greatest asset, use it at your advantage.

P.S. A year ago, I do not know anything about investment. Then I joined Truly Rich Club by Bo Sanchez. It was the best decision I ever made in my life. Brother Bo is a spiritual preacher and at the same time, financial literacy advocate whose purpose is to help people become rich in order to serve the LORD with the money that they have. He guided me along the way, explaining how I can manage my money and make it work hard for me. Now I’m investing in stocks and mutual funds and have a clear path for my future. Soon I’ll open UITF account as well. All are made possible by his guidance and teachings on every steps to become an investor. Being OFW isn’t forever, this is my EXIT PLAN. It’s amazing how his teachings change my life. I’m inviting you to join the club too, JOIN TRULY RICH CLUB. If you have any question, feel free to leave your comment below. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

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