In View of Those Filipino’s in Death Sentence and Similar Fate

We must be responsible for everything that we have done.

I know some of you will get negative feedback on this blog post, but I am just expressing my thoughts and points of view regarding this issue. In which, has been in national tv and news in the Philippines. We have different sets of beliefs and principles, and I respect everyone’s.

The issue is regarding the death penalty imposed to 3 Filipino nationals in connection to the drug smuggling case they have committed in China. Then another Filipina in Thailand, who was detained and sentenced for life imprisonment for having possession of around 5kgs of illegal drugs. And I am sure, other Filipino’s in foreign land have similar fate.

And now came our Philippine government to the rescue, with our Vice President going to China accompanied by other staff. Of course, all expenses paid by our taxes. Base on the news, they will go there with some family members of the convicted Filipinos.

With the admission and strong evidence that they have committed the crime on their knowledge, it has come to my mind that the action of Chinese government is justified.

I am an OFW and it made me feel bad about their fate. However, as a concerned citizen, we have to follow all the rules and regulation of whichever country we will try to visit. No one is above the law, definitely in a foreign land.

They made a choice, and they chose to break the law and commit drug trafficking. They should know about the seriousness and consequences about this act even before they do it. And yet, they still do it.

With the kind of publicity it’s having right now, government efforts were made to render help to them, even if it costs us, Filipino taxpayer’s, millions of pesos in travel and other expenses.

Is our government aware that there are thousands of Filipino people living in poverty without anything to eat? Are they aware of those Filipino children that needs help in order to survive and have a good quality of living?

I am a World Vision sponsor, and it only takes Php 600 pesos a month to support one child to have a good living. Can you imagine how many children, those millions of pesos they will spend on this issue, can they give a better future if they will spend the money in similar with World Vision? And more, these are children, free of any sin and full of hope for our future.

If you will ask me, this is something worthy of Philippine money and I will be encourage to contribute more.

I hope this is an eye opener for those individuals who want to follow the same path or in the same path like them. If you still have a chance, do something that you and the Filipino people will be proud of.

Respect and you will be respected. Do good and all will be good unto you.

3 filipino in death sentece in china

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