Insure the Goose not the Golden Eggs

Insure the Goose not the Golden Eggs

Most of you for sure narinig na or nabasa yong story about the goose that lays the golden egg. I won’t talk much about it on this post, but rather make a twist and relate it to insurance topic that will be applicable in our daily lives.

In reality, we are the goose that lays the golden egg. Nagtatrabaho tayo, nagsusumikap upang mabuhay sa araw araw. In return for our hard work, we receive our paycheck. May mga high earner, meron din namang mga low income. But in the end, most of us receives paycheck at the end of the month. We are laying golden eggs ika nga. And once we already have the money….we buy things like cars, houses, gadgets, real estates, etc.

I call these things the golden eggs. It’s the fruit of our labor.

Kaya lang, we often forgot insuring the goose and get insurance instead for the golden eggs only. Hindi ba pag bumili ka ng condo ngayon, may kasamang insurance with insured amount same as the condo unit price? Pag bumili ka ng kotse, may kasama ding insurance up to how much the car is worth. We tend to protect these eggs by getting insurance.

But how about you, the goose that lays the golden egg? Do you have enough insurance coverage to cover you in times of uncertainties? May makukuha ba ang pamilya mo kung sakaling may mangyari sa yo? Kung may insurance ka man, enough kaya ito to cover the loss that your family will suffer? Are you insured for what’s your life’s worth is?

My friends, it is not enough to insure only the golden eggs. We have to insure ourself first before anything else. Kase kung wala tayo, wala ring golden eggs na magagamit ang mga naiwan natin.

Insure yourself correctly. Get the best insurance coverage for you

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