Invest Money thru GCASH For as Low as PHP 50

For years, investing in the Philippines seems for the rich only. In fact, most filipinos don’t invest in the market. There are only around 500K users and account owners of mutual funds and stocks. That represents less than 0.5% of the entire population of the Philippines. Compare that to other countries, we are really far behind them. Our level of financial literacy is really low.

Most Filipinos think that investing is for rich only, requiring big capital to join the market. This is just a myth. If they are well informed, they will know that other brokers and investment companies accept investment for as low as PHP 1000. The amount is not that high compare to years ago investment rate.


ATRAM GCASH Investment Review


Now comes GCASH who will revolutionalize the investment of every Juan. Thru their GCASH, they offer investment for as low as PHP 50 pesos only. Yes, that’s how low it is to join them. That’s around USD$ 1 only to grow your money. This is the lowest amount ever that we can invest in the history of investment. The program is called G INVEST.

Those who have the GCASH app can invest directly via the the app. You can invest the remaining amount in your wallet to fund your investment. It’s hassle free, and no need for further documentation and application. Just fill-up the KYC (Know Your Customer) form online and check your risk appetite. It is also important to be choosing a kyc vendor that you can trust and is thorough with the whole process.

They partnered with ATRAM Trust Corp who manages some of the countries top funds. They will be the one who will manage the funds in GINVEST. Currently there is only one fund available to purchase, the money market fund. For sure they will add soon on the funds we can choose.

All investment have risks. Aral muna bago invest! Invest extra money only, money you can afford to lose. Don’t go all in to the point that you cannot sleep well at night thinking of your investment. Market goes up and down, that’s normal.

However, since this is a money market fund, the risk is very minimal to none at all. These are funds that are invest in financial instruments like bonds, tbills, etc..

GINVEST is good for parking your extra money only. Do not expect for huge return thru these money market funds. But at least perhaps better return that what our local bank can provide.

For more information, visit the GCASH website and watch some youtube videos for details. You can find a lot of details and guides online. If you have the app already, you can check and navigate its features.

Happy investing! Be sure to do your one research and check for ATRAM GCASH investment review posts for other views.

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  1. Clearly, Filipinos still have a long way to go when it comes to Financial Literacy. We call on financial institutions like banks and insurance companies to do more financial literacy programs so more can be educated and empowered to take charge of their financial situations. Let s have more affordable savings and investment products and services, like the GCash money market fund, that can encourage more people to start saving even with a small amount. Let s also institutionalize the inclusion of money management 101 in our school curriculum. It s never too early to learn. We call on all the Financial Advisors to be more persistent in making people listen as you help them prepare for their future. Ms. Jay Ledesma writes about local tourism and business bits that delve on investments and insurance.


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