Is nCorona Virus Covered By Your Insurance Policy?

Is nCorona Virus Covered By Your Insurance Policy?

With the increasing number of infections worldwide, here’s what you need to know if your insurance will protect you.

There are 3 insurance policies you might have right now: LIFE, MEDICAL and ACCIDENT.

ACCIDENT PLAN do not cover the coronavirus as it is only for accident and injury related. However, some accident plan for kids may cover this under their illness condition. You need to check your insurance provider.

MEDICAL PLAN provides coverage in the event of hospitalization. This is your best policy in the event of infection and you need medical treatment in the hospital. Regardless of cause, you should be able to file a claim under this policy. Daily hospital income is also covered. However, client must be hospitalized at least 1 day for this coverage.

LIFE PLAN covers death, disability and critical illness. In the event that the infection will lead to death, it is covered by the policy. It is not considered as critical illness or total disability so we cannot file for claim.

*However, the complications of nCov may be admissible upon a diagnosis of end stage lung disease subject to fulfillment of contract definition, diagnostic criteria and specific evidence listed under the End Stage Lung Disease.

Those under QUARANTINE are not covered by the insurance.

If you are going out of the country, make sure you buy TRAVEL INSURANCE as this will give you better coverage in the event of unforeseen circumstances that might happen.

You can also apply for INCOME REPLACEMENT policy which can help us in the event of worst case scenario.

Stay safe and healthy. Stay Protected. Review your policy. Get the right insurance cover.

If you are in Singapore and need help on your insurance coverage, message me at 82235186. Let’s meetup and have coffee 🙂

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