Kung nag-invest ka sa mutual fund noon, eto na sana ang pera mo ngayon

mutual fund performance

Before reading this, dapat alam mo muna yung tungkol sa mutual fund. In case hindi mo pa alam, basahin mo muna tong post ko about it.

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For the sake of comparison, I will only use 3 mutual fund companies since from the start na nagopen sila till now to show you how much they have grown in the last years.

Note: This is for illustration purposes only and the computation may not be accurate due to some factors which I didn’t include in the computation (ex. sales load). Do your own research and computation to get the accurate one for yourself.


Nag-start silang mag benta ng equity mutual fund, Philequity Fund Inc. (PEFI), last 1995 pa, with starting NAVPS of PHP 1.1095. Ang current NAVPS ng fund nila ngayon is PHP 31.2723 (Mar 25, 2014). That means, kung nag invest ka ng PHP 100K since from the beginning, ang pera mo dapat ngayon ay nasa PHP 2.8 M na.


First Metro Asset Management Inc.(FAMI)

Nag-start sila mag benta ng equity mutual fund, FAMI SALEF, last 2005 with starting NAVPS of PHP 1.0015. Ang current NAVPS nila ngayon is PHP 4.9931 (March 25, 2014). That means, kung nag invest ka ng PHP 100K since from the beginning, ang pera mo dapat ngayon ay nasa PHP 498K na.


PHILAM Asset Management (PAMI)

Nag-start sila mag benta ng equity mutual fund, PHILAM Strategic Growth Fund, last 1998 with starting NAVPS of PHP 79.15. Ang current NAVPS nila ngayon is PHP 493.67 (March 25, 2014). That means, kung nag invest ka ng PHP 100K since from the beginning, ang pera mo dapat ngayon ay nasa PHP 623K na.


Gusto mo bang i-track ang performance ng iyong mutual fund gamit ang iyong mobile phone? I download mo lamang ang app na PONDO MF. Available ito sa Apple iTunes at Google Play Store. I-search lamang ang “pondo mf” na keyword.


8 thoughts on “Kung nag-invest ka sa mutual fund noon, eto na sana ang pera mo ngayon”

  1. Respected Sir, ask ko lang po kung ok pa bang bumili ng shares or mag-top up ng additional investments sa PhilEquity Fund kasi napansin ko na kapag bull market kagaya ngayon eh kakaunti lang ang shares na nabibili di ba? As of May 9, 2014 eh nasa 33.9559 ang NAVPS ng PhilEquity Fund at maganda rin ang YTD niya @ 16.47%. Kapag umabot ng 50 or more ang NAVPS eh it means mas lalong liliit ang shares na mabibili. Ask ko lang po kung makakatulong pa rin ba yung mataas na CAGR in the long run kahit kaunti lang ang shares na nabibili? Please enlighten kasi newbie pa lang po ako sa investing. God bless!

    • hi francis. never mind the price, just continue buying. 10% gain is 10% gain, no matter how much the price is so it doesn’t really matter. invest regularly. in the end, the growth of your money is depende rin kung magkano ba capital. don’t expect for a P5K to be worth a million in few years. the point is, know your goal first…then compute how much money and investment you need to reach that goal. for example if it is for your childs education, compute how much is tuition fee pag nag college sya and then allocate enough investment fund to reach that goal.

      • Ok Sir, I will take your advice. God bless and more power in your advocacy to spread financial literacy and for sharing your knowledge to newbie investors like me.:-)

  2. Good day Sir Richard! Here’s another set of questions regarding shares redemption. Ask ko lang po kung pwede bang i-redeem lahat ang total shares accumulated once I hit my target percentage of return? Wala bang policy ang mga mutual fund companies tungkol dito or kelangang magtira ng certain portion of shares? At kapag nag-redeem po ba ako nung total shares ko eh it means close na ang mutual fund account ko? Pwede rin po ba na a certain portion of shares lang ang i-redeem? Thanks in advance for your positive reply.:-)

  3. yes, you can redeem your shares partially. let’s say you have 100 shares and you only want to redeem 50 shares, pwede yan. if you redeem all, automatic close yong account mo. kase dapat may existing share ka to participate. you can withdraw your shares anytime, but subject to prevailing exit fees ng fund companies. make sure to check it first. again, mutual fund is good for long term investment. especially equity fund, consider opening it if you can keep your money invested 5 years and above. if you think mutual fund as quick money after a year, then you are mistaken 🙂 feel free to ask if you have questions…

    • Ok Sir, thank you very much for your prompt response. My investment time horizon is long term and I’m planning to redeem after 10 years or more but subject to positive gains po. I’m quite optimistic that markets always end up higher in the long haul and risks are further reduced because of diversification through time. I’ve started PEFI and BDO Equity Fund thru EIP last November 2013 and PDYF this month so wish me good luck. More power to you and God bless always!:-)

  4. Sir, tanong ko lang po paano nag kakaroon ng “Average Return Per Year Since Started”?. Ang pagkakaintidi ko po kasi, pag nag invest ka sa MF, pag umangat ang value ng unit mo, dun ka kikita. For instance, nag invest ako ng 100k, tapos e 1peso per unit. So meron akong 100k units. Pag iniwan ko ung pera ko for 10 years at umangat ng 50% per unit, ang kikitain ko lang is 50k in 10 years. Otherwise ang pwede kong gawin ay i withdraw then re invest sa same fund every year para magkaroon ng compounding effect? Paki clarify po kung tama ang pagkaintindi ko. Thanks sir and more power!


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