Make Your Own Vision Board

As we enter 2017, some of us made our own new year’s resolution or goals for this year. We all want the best of the coming year especially to our career, family and all aspect in our life. I’m not into writing resolution so I don’t practice that. I’m not telling it’s not good, but each of us have our own way of doing things the way we want it.

What works for me is the VISION BOARD like the picture above. I made one last 2013 before I changed career. I print in colored all the things I wanted to have in life and put in a place where I can see them often. In my case, it’s above my computer monitor where I spend most of my time while at home. Everyday I see those pictures and envision to have them all.

Past forward, 3 years since then, I am enjoying all those things that I put on my vision board. This year, I would like to revise and add some new visions that I want to have in coming year.

Try it and see if it works for you 🙂

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