Match Your Investment Objective with the Right Investment Instruments

Match Your Investment Objective with the Right Investment Instruments


When it comes to investing, lahat tayo may kanya-kanyang objective kung para saan ang ating investments. Magkakaiba tayo, syempre hindi naman pare-pareho ang buhay natin. Pero mostly, umiikot ang mga investment goals natin sa mga life’s objectives gaya ng retirement, educational fund, travel fund, house fund at kung anu-ano pang pangangailangan natin in the future.

Before we start investing, mahalaga na alam natin kung ito’y para saan. Ito rin ang magiging gabay natin kung saan ba tamang ilagay ang perang ating ii-invest.

There’s a right investment instrument for every objective that we have. Just take note, that all investment are risky but all varies on the risk level. The longer you will keep your money invested, the lesser the risk it will have and high chance that your money will grow more. Granted that you invest in a stable and good investment instruments.

Halimbawa, kung ang purpose ng investment ko is for something that I want in more than 5 years time, I will invest my money in Equity Fund. On the other hand, less than 5 years I will choose between Balance and Bond Fund.

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Sa educational fund ng anak ko, I know he will enter college in 18 years time pa. So we open equity mutual fund for him. 5 years and succeeding years before nya gamitin ang fund, I will slowly withdraw some from equity fund and slowly invest in a less risky bonds funds. The point is, nag-iba na yong investment goal ko at that time. At the start, my goal is for an educational fund with a long term investment horizon and aggresive investment style for maximum growth. Fast forward and since 5 years or less na lang bago nya gamitin yong fund, my objective now will be change to preserve the money and at least beat the inflation.

For my retirement fund, since more than 5 years pa naman yon, I am investing in equities. My initial goal is to make my money grow in long term. However, kung malapit na yong retirement ko or along the way ng aking pagi-invest, I have to withdraw or divert some of my investments and convert to physical asset that will give me passive income monthly. Rental property investment is something that I want to venture pag dumating yong time na yon. Why? Kase pag nag retire na tayo, need na natin ng regular na passive income. Take note that gains from paper assets like stocks and mutual funds are not considered as passive income. They are just great multiplier of your money. In the end, you have to convert those assets to business, real estate or anything that will give you real passive income. By consulting the estate planning lawyers, it is best to get their opinions about this issue, who will also give us information about how the government is offering help to others on the real estate business related issues. Kung ano man yon, nasa inyo na yon.

Again, this is my strategy. I am not telling you to the same. But at least, understand your investment and do something that you know and comfortable doing. At the end of the day, we need to reach our goal and make our money grow as planned.

Kung kailangan mo ng tulong sa pagpaplano, kumonsulta sa mga financial planner. Mas mabibigyan ka nila ng gabay tungkol sa magandang plano at tamang pagi-invest ng perang iyong pinaghirapan.

Syempre, ang investment objective ay isa lamang sa mga factor na dapat nating i-consider when we invest. Other factors includes risk tolerance, age, investment timeline, investment knowledge and other things.

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