Moving out of the Comfort Zone is the Only Way to Succeed

I started working when I was 18, that was 1998 during my college days. My first job was a dish washer, where I have to clean hundreds of plates daily. It was a bit tough then coz I have my classes on PM schedule.

Now I’m in Singapore, working as IT personnel in one of manufacturing company here for 5 years already. And guess what, I’ve been working in my life for nearly 15 years already. Working 30 days a month then look forward for a pay day at the end. Once all the money are spent, then we’ll look forward for another month end. And the cycle goes on and on. We became a slave of this so called life’s rat race. It’s very tiring and stressful.

We usually tend to stick and be contented with just having a normal work. Maintain a daily routine, go to office, go back home and then woke up again for another working day. It’s very tiring. The reason why we are trapped in this cycle is that we are afraid to try new things, we didn’t venture out. We didn’t do anything new to uplift our life to help us gain more skills for better opportunity aside from our normal work.

What if recession strikes and we became a casualty of it? As you see, having a work and become an employee only guarantees us our daily life. It’s not a lifetime assurance of stable income. But then, most of us failed to see it. We easily get tired of few hours spend on reading books, tired of enrolling on few online courses, and lots of reasons that they can think about.

Being stuck as an employee doesn’t lead to anything fruitful in the end. That’s why I am busy now equipping myself with all the tools and learning. I go out with the right people that can lead me to achieve my dreams of financial freedom. I invest time and money to buy much needed resources that I can have. Most of all, I am venturing in a new environment where I am not the employee anymore, but a boss of my own business. It may be tough and tiring at the start, but that’s the starting point of moving out from our comfort zone.

Imagine your current situation at this point of time, and ten years from now. Can you see any significant changes that will happen in your life along the way? If none, consider moving out of your comfort zone and try new things.

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